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 In the next 5o years, there will be no more fuel in the world if we continue consuming energy like we do presently. One effect of this over consummation is global warming. Even though citizens and governments are aware of these issues, we do not see how critical the situation is and how fossil fuel devastate the environment.              Fossil fuel damage the environment and the society.  :  Thousands of risks and spills  

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The issue I chose for my research paper is cyber bullying. This issue happen when a person is bullying another person by using the internet. We can see different type of bullying in our society like verbal bullying. But I choose the cyber bullying because this type has increase with the internet’s technology in recent years. It is a major problem that our society faces. With this new technology people can interact with each other on website. It has positive effects on social interaction but has also negative impacts. The issue of this is that some people do not use it adequately.

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  The first article attracts me because I wanted to know what makes people have a lower self-esteem in cyberbullying. The other article also attracts me because they are not only talking about self-esteem but also about other consequences or effects of cyberbullying.

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Something is wrong on the internet I was attract to the article “Cyberbullying: the challenge to define”, because with all definition that we see on ordinary website I found it important to know the real definition of cyberbullying. I am posting about this second article because it is another definition of cyberbullying in another form.

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This article caught my attention because Apple offers to customers the possibility to have key software for free and that will create more competition between Windows and Apple.

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This article caught my attention because technology in healthcare is something important to cure some disease. With this evolution we can save people’s life or we can extend their life.

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In our society, the technology is everywhere. It is now a powerful instrument in the education because technology lets students use another way of learning instead of only using the old methods. 

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Nowadays, social networking’s have a major influence in our life. One of the must use social networking as you know is Facebook. That website is often changing to become better for users.

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This article caught my attention because of how the technology is advanced now. I mean you can forbid a phone to work by telling the company. Unfortunately, it has good and bad advantages by not letting the phone to work.  

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The old method to transmit news such as newspapers prints start to disappear. The technology takes over these old shipping newspapers.

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Last week a new video game named Grand Theft Auto Online 5 (GTA 5) went on sale. It became the fastest entertainment product selling of all time. So we can say that this video game is very popular.

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I know a lot of people around me struggling with dyslexia and I hope this method could help them and make their life easier.

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Some of us may remember wearing those dreaful and plain blue uniforms back in high school. While they had some advantages, like the fact that students had an easier time in the morning to choose what they will wear, I feel like uniforms are, overall, not that great, for they transgress the student's right of freedom of expression. Teenagers are going through a period in their lives where they need to discover themselves and forge their own identity, and one way of doing so is by being able to pick what they dress with.

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Smoking can affect more than one life. For example, if you are pregnant, it can affect your baby’s health. Consequently, the baby can be premature, and this is really bad for the baby’s development. In the article “Smoking ban in public places has cut the number of premature births” we realize reductions of premature births. Before the bans no decrease was evident in premature births. With this law, other factors have been reducing such as air pollution.

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Nowadays some people will agree with drug testing because employers have to be clean but others will think that it reaches privacy.In the article “Drug Testing Promotes Workplace Safety” the sustain opinion is that drug testing in workplace is effective. It informs us that there is a connection between drug testing programs and absenteeism. Since that program was implanted, we can see absenteeism’s diminution of 50%. The drug testing programs also affect worker’s compensation incidence rates it reduces of 50%.

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Each year, millions of people are impatiently waiting for the new Iphone by Apple. And each year, you have the same box you had last year, except some minor changes like a better camera and a better screen resolution. And for how much? Not 200$, not 300$, but 600$! It is up to you to decide if you buy it or not, but I think apple is going too far this year.  

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Since 1976, the death penalty was abolished in Canada. The death penalty was a law that when someone does a crime he was judged and executed.

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Teenager’s cars accident brings people to debate about the legal driving age. Some people want to raise it but others do not want. This is an important decision for the well-being of society because accidents may involve other people not only the teenagers.  

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  It is very obvious that Facebook is not the better place to political activism or to hide top secrets from the government. But just because something is easy to get, it is right to get it? Canadian government has been a very conservative state regarding the privacy of its citizens, but it is slowly changing. It is relatively easy take advantage from such a popular social network as Facebook to find undesired people’s information. Google, Microsoft, Yahoo! There are so many possible sources from the government.

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