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Jinnah was at first a member of the INC. He supported Ghandi and strived to get rid of the British. The article, "Pakistan or the Partition of India" by B.R. Ambedkar, mentions that there are two groups of people in India: the Muslim and the Hindu. It states that it isn't because you are a separate group of people that you need to separate from each other. You need to learn to live together and accept each other because diversity is such a wonderful thing. In Switzerland, they have three different groups: the German, the Italian and the French.

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In my opinion, religion should be present in society. I believe that it is part of the various cultures and it is quite an important aspect. I believe that it is part of our backgrounds and what makes us unique individuals and helps shape our views on the world. I believe that an important aspect of having religion be a part of society is having people accept each other’s differences and that it is one of the ways to eliminate hatred too. I believe that religion itself shouldn’t be put into law but a lot of our laws are based on religion and it is just logical for them to do so.

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Each person should have his own rules about the place of religion in his live. Each individual is different and this diversity is very important. Consequently, it is impossible that everybody believes in the same thing. It is normal to say that different societies have different believes. However, the place of religion in one particular society cannot be the same for everybody because some people may be less practicing than others and some may believe in no religion at all. Rules about religion cannot be put into law if they have not the same meaning for everyone in the community.

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Considering we live in a multicultural country, we accept many different types of cultures/religions. I believe that we should allow others to practice their religion as freely as they wish to do so. However, they should do so in a respectful and proper matter. This can be an advantage to our society because it will allow diversity and it can lead to others being opened-minded. In its own way, religion provides us with many life lessons and can guide an individual.

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I believe that the consequences for those who seriously injure other players should be quite severe for the fact that these injuries can carry harsh effects. With more and more kids getting hurt playing sports this issue is getting more severe.

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We live in a world where information is at our fingertips. We barely have time to contemplate a question that the answer is already on Google. In a world like we have, people want to know everything about everything. People want to be able to know everything the government is hiding from us and this is where, in 2006, Wikileaks took over. “Its releases include nearly 80,000 documents about the Afghan war, some 400,000 Iraq war documents, and diplomatic cables from 274 U.S. embassies around the

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The main issue explored is transparency in the Canadian government. More specifically, exploring the idea that transparency in the government isn’t always the best and that some things such as the predicted interest rates should not be released to the public. This essay is about how transparency might seem very appealing but can also lead to bad things. It explores various negative causes of transparency and brings up examples in which this occurred in other countries. Government transparency isn’t always good.

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The first text, Future of Campaign Finance, discusses the various effects that financing in the political campaigns affects decisions that are later on taken once the person is elected. Depending on where and who is involved there are different outcomes. “American Crossroads, the super PAC backing the Republicans, only saw 1.29% of its spending result in the desired political outcome” (Fellay 45). This means that although they support the Republicans a lot through donations, they didn’t necessarily influence the government decisions. We can also evaluate at how enforced rules are.

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On October 18th, Stephen Harper chose to sign a deal with the EU. It states that many duties and tariffs won’t exist anymore on mostly food but also minerals and other resources. This is great news for Canada as it can reduce prices on dairy products, meat and wines.

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As it is known the United States have been trying to get out of the 2008 recession for a while now and they have been close to achieving this until they had the government shutdown. This caused a lot of uncertainty in the population as well as in the economy. This meant that companies chose to not hire any extra employees especially if they were often contracted by the government. This meant that either people were temporarily laid off or companies chose to hire in smaller quantities than they would have.

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The problem that was addressed was the crime rate in the United States cities in comparison to the national crime rate trend. A study was set up to see the differences or similarities between national and local crime rates as well as the strength of this trend. Observation and careful note taking and statistics were used in a study to measure the difference in crime rates. The goals of the study were to obtain accurate data of increased/ decreased crime rate of several different cities and compare those results to results taken in previous years.

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Taina Uitto is a woman who decided to live without plastic. This is excellent for the environment and she describes how hard it was before to find products that didn’t have any plastic and to find stores that sell them but that with time more natural product stores opened and made this easier for her. In a time where the planet is a growing issue and that plastic causes a lot of pollution, this is a great way to help the environment.

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As Vancouver was developing its high-tech movie production sector, Disney decided to close Pixar’s studio in Vancouver. This came as a surprise to everyone because the employees got the news at the same time as the general public. The main problem is that Disney decided to move all the jobs to Emeryville, California. This is where Pixar started and where it’s main activities happen.

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Scientists were researching and investigating Mars for a very long time. Yet, they continue to find some new features of the Red Planet. How would you feel if you believed in something that wasn’t the real truth? Well, that’s how NASA scientists feel right now…

811 | 1 | 1 In Australia, the average train driver earns about A$240,000 per year. This is more than the average surgeon in the U.S. It is just normal for a company, that when they try to cut down costs, start by cutting the highest paid ones.

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Last year, about a quarter of car accidents involved cell phones. It represents an impressive 1.3 million crashes, which could have been avoided easily. But an impressive 77% of the young adults think that they are able to text safely while driving! This bad habit has to end.

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Comac, a state-owned company in China, has a goal of creating a plane to compete with the Boeing 737 and the Airbus 320. They are designing a 174 seat plane called the C919. China is putting in a lot of money to finalize this plane and another smaller aircraft, the ARJ21, which has 90 seats.

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As time goes on, Blackberry isn’t doing so well. After launching a new line of products, they still can’t seem to manage to gain back the customers the lost to either iOS or Android platforms in a market they used to be dominant in. Blackberry was the company that started the smartphone and they are now not able to compete with all the other companies now competing against them.

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                An argument breaks out between you and a stranger, the man strikes you in the face with his fist; you pull out your gun and shoot him down. These events represent a diluted version of the George Zimmerman case which lead to the death of Trayvon Martin, a 17 year old teenager. When the results came out stating he was not guilty, I was shocked. I chose this article because I believed the case results were unjust. This topic draws me in as it raises many ethical and legal issues.  Ethical issues:

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This article explains how students are choosing to download their textbooks either for free or at a reduced price to the printed version.

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Safety when it comes to trains has become a very popular subject after what happened at Lac-Megantic. In the morning of Wednesday September 18th, a Via Rail train had a collision with a double-decker bus in Ottawa. This area had already been classified as a dangerous intersection but the cost of creating an underpass and transit way was too high for the construction to occur.

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With the launch of the iPhone 5s comes the launch of a new technology that hasn’t been very available for everyone. Biometrics used to be something that we saw in movies and would secure the most dangerous or precious of items.

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As most Quebecers know, the PQ government is currently trying to implement a charter of values. This charter’s goal is to create a neutral Quebec but in fact just removes some of its citizens’ freedom.

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As most Quebecers know, the PQ government is currently trying to implement a charter of values. This charter’s goal is to create a neutral Quebec but in fact just removes some of its citizens’ freedom.

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After over a year of one of the largest chocolate companies, Barry Callebaut AG, requesting to the European Union to claim that chocolate has health benefits on their products, they have received the right to do so.

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Lee Bonneau, a 6 year old kid, was killed on August 21st. The only suspect is another kid under 12 years of age.

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A man claims that he owns the Moon and sells extraterrestrial real estates for a living.

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Newspapers, TV News, blogs, Facebook, Twitter are all talking about these tragic incidents in Syria. Some are posting videos, other articles about the horrible and undeniable fact that the population have been intoxicated by chemical gases. But, first of all, are we really sure that it was an attack? And if yes, than, why?

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Although we hear about the health reasons and the money a smoker spends for each pack of cigarettes, we rarely hear that they are the cause to fires. Firefighters got the call at 5:45 am this morning because of a fire in Boucherville. Once the fire was extinguished, they were able to find the culprit behind the fire, a cigarette. The cigarette, that wasn’t completely put out, caused a flower pot to catch fire which then led to walls and eventually the roof of the house.

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In the beginning of the week, old PCB (Polychlorinated biphenyls) transformers were found to be stored at an illegal are for these restricted chemicals. In Canada, it is illegal to import, manufacture or sell PCBs. These transformers used to be part of the cooling system for our electrical grid. The transformers were found at Reliance Power Equipment, a place where old electrical equipment is refurbished.

335 | 0 | 0 I found this article very interesting.  In Texas, if someone is stealing from you on your property, you are allowed to kill them in defence.  In 2009, a man hired a prostitute and paid her $150.  After she refused to have intercourse with him and refused to give back the money, he shot her several times.  She passed away a few months later and he was not sent to jail out of reasons of self defense.

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