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Just like in Canada, in India and in almost every country, there happens to be some minorities and majorities. In India, the Muslims were minorities for a long period. The Hindus were way more and had more power and control over India than the Muslims. That is why many groups were created, just like the Muslim League, to support the Muslims and to help them gain their rights.

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Muslims and Quebecers were both minorities in their country that wanted their own separated territory. Both developed some similar nationalist arguments. The main argument the Muslims were using has been explained by Jinnah in his most famous speech. He was saying that “it is the clearest statement of ‘the two-nation theory’, that Hindus and Muslims were more than two religions; they were two nations” (Bary and Hay 228). This argument is very similar to the one that the inhabitants of Quebec are using.

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Considering we live in a multicultural country, we accept many different types of cultures/religions. I believe that we should allow others to practice their religion as freely as they wish to do so. However, they should do so in a respectful and proper matter. This can be an advantage to our society because it will allow diversity and it can lead to others being opened-minded. In its own way, religion provides us with many life lessons and can guide an individual.

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I think that there are advantages and disadvantages of having many religions in a society. The main advantage is that it helps us learn about different cultures, which means that people are more likely to accept different worldviews because they will have been exposed to many points of view when growing up. Also, this causes our population to be more diversed. The most commun disadvantage to a multicultural society is that it is hard to please everyone, such as minorities who want special accommodations like having their religious holidays or having the right to carry a kirpan.  

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Today, we are living in a society where freedom and equality are both important values. In our multucultural society, we need to accept each other and respect their beliefs. I think that religion in our society must be respected, but she should never inluence or rule a government. The state should be in a neutral position, because it represents everybody, which is jude catholic or muslim. A country where the state is neutral and where religions don`t rule the governement is more free and democra  tic, because the population is never influenced or controled by the religion.

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Having many religions in society brings disadvantages because some don't share the same values and beliefs which could lead to conflicts. There's a lot of judgement and conflicts created because of those different values and beliefs. There is even some extremists in some religions that come to a point of committing disastrous acts. Those are mostly conflicts between the religions. Education and other important aspects in life are affected by many religions. Should we teach religions? Which ones? Should the ostentatious signs be aloud at school, in sports?

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