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When we look at the history of Canada and India, both are very simular.In India you had the conflict between the Hindu and the Muslims fighting amungst each other and both hindu and muslim fight against the british to take them out of their country so they can govern themselves. It is simular to Canadien history were French Canadiens, English and First Nations fight against each other for terrictory, political and religious reasons. In both India and Canada, a country and province is created due to the tentions between Hindus and Muslims and tentions between the French and English.

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Topic: The importance of strengthens the brain.   Issue: The human brain is workable even during adulthood.   Thesis: Resting the brain, eating healthy food and exercising stimulate the brain.   Premise 1: Relaxing the brain   Sleeping actually restore the human brain. It strengthen remembering skills, learning performance and problem solving   Premise 2: Healthy eating

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Athletes who test positive on drug test receive consequences from the league they play in. Players from the NFL (National Football League) the IOC (International Olympic Committee), UCI (Union cyclist International), NHL (National Hockey League), NCAA etc. get different consequences to their acts of consuming performance enhancing drugs. This is a problem that is debated amongst people because why should an athlete from one particular sport get a smaller consequence that an athlete from a different sport when using the same performance enhancement drug? 

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Finding motivation to start physical activity could be hard if you have adopted a sedentary lifestyle. We live in a sedentary society where people are always on their cellphones, texting or tweeting something. This attitude can be useful for your training. A lot of applications have been created to help you get in shape.

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                Putting on your pair of skates and going to the ice rink with you family and friends is something most Canadians grow up doing during winter time. A place where people have outside hockey games or just enjoy having a little skate. Great memories come from our hockey experiences on ponds or outdoor ice rinks. But will the future generations coming get the chance to witness the great Canadian tradition of playing hockey outside during our cold seasons?

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Across the globe, there are numerous amounts of athletes who use drugs. Some use the drugs to increase their performance level, to hide their injuries, or to relax. The usage of drugs has always been a part of sports and there’s a big fight against the usage of drugs in competitions. For whatever reason an athlete might consume a drug, it is obvious that it is bad. It goes against the religion of sports and it’s harming for their own heath.

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        Have you ever asked yourself how and when the Olympic Games all stared? This may be to your surprise but the Olympic Games know nationwide started 3000 years ago. They first started in Greece in honor of the famous god Zeus. Greek citizens gathered together every four years to celebrate with sports events. The name Olympics come from a site names Olympia near the Peloponnese peninsula which was the location of the first ever Olympic games.

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       In the Montreal Canadians hockey game last night, October 1st, 2013, George Parros injured himself after falling face first on the ice. Montreal Canadians new tough guy was playing a great game and giving an amazing atmosphere to the Bell Centre until this tragic event. Players and fans waited ten minutes in shock until George finally left the ice on a stretcher. The good news is that George was conscious before leaving the Bell Center on his way to the hospital. Moments after the game Montreal Canadians staff announced that George suffers from a concussion.  

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It comes together; the winter Olympics Games (OG) approaches, we starts to debate about ‘Why the National Hockey League (NHL) players should or shouldn’t play at the Olympics?’ Especially this year, negotiations have been long and serious between the NHL, the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) and the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

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         There’s a lot of good teams when it comes to sports, and in every sport there’s always one team that is better than all the other teams. Now what makes them better? Is it because the team is built with superstars? The answer to that is no, most good teams have great team spirit which allows them to go far. Team spirit holds a team together and only success can come from it. Without any team spirit in a sports team, the team cannot compete to the same level as others.

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The complete Union High School football team was suspended from all football related activity on Friday. The suspension is due to cyber bullying. The team’s head coach, Matt Labrum found out that couple of his players were bullying another student through a social media. The website,, is a page where you can block your identity by using a username, but the coach did not manage to find who were bullying but it surely was one of the football player.

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           In the world there are many types of drugs and there are lots of people who consume drugs. Now as we all know, every drug has its negative consequences. But never have we seen a drug as deadly as the crocodile (written as the Krocodile). Overtime other drugs can lead to death with addiction but this drug is extremely powerful and will lead an individual to death within a year. Now if the drug is so dangerous. Why do people still use it?

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I wanted to take this opportunity and write about the hottest subject on the news in Quebec and even in Canada: Quebec’s charter of values. The article that I chose relates the events of 14 September 2013 when thousands of people, wearing religious symbols, marched on the streets of downtown Montreal protesting against Quebec’s charter of values. Everybody has an opinion about this heated debate and people are clearly for or against it. This is only one of the few of the debates that I actually feel concerned about.

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               Are the government and scientist always reliable to trust? Some of their experiments can harm individuals touching their families and going against peoples morals. An individual living in a society has rules to follow or else that individual might have to go against authority. But when it comes to governments and high placed scientist, who gives them the right to experiment with nature that can potentially harm people. And once their actions are done what authority do they go against?    

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         Do you remember how your life was without Facebook? What you used to do when you had nothing to do other than go on Facebook? Well it seems that in today’s society if you don’t have a Facebook account your different and you don’t fit in. Yes Facebook has its positives, like communicating with friends, watching funny videos like vines etc. But have you ever thought about the negative effects Facebook can have on an individual?  

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For all habs fan across the city of Montreal, it is not fall that announces the end of summer but the begging of a new season. Fans all across Montreal are anxious to see the first puck drop on October 1st against their rivals the Toronto Maple leafs. What do we expect from the habs this year? Are they into the playoff run or do they stand no chance? One thing for sure is that GM Marc Bergevin and head coach Micheal Therrien envision their team in the playoffs!

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  12 years ago, on a september 11 2001, the World Trade Center got attacked by terrorists. This attack resulted in a massive loss of life, huge property damage in Manhattan and a minor economic crisis (if we compare to the 2008 economic crisis). Since the two plane hit the towers, the world of security took a turn as long with many other defensive strategies ! We all remember that dark day, but do we still commemorate that day ?   

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        Humans, yes this is the name of our specie and we are all proud to be humans! But did we grow up to be too smart? Have you ever asked yourself how life on earth would be without humans? Humans have a tremendous amount of impact on the earth’s environment and even if people are aware, thousands and thousands of them don’t take the time to think about the negative effect human’s cause on earth! If you take earths age 4.54 billion years old and put 4.54 billion years in the time span of a 24 hour day.

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   Should the death penalty come back in Canada? Are you for capital punishment or against it? The last capital punishment that occurred in Canada was about half a century ago. 37 years from now the death penalty was abolished from our laws and still today, politicians, and citizens, debate about the question of bringing it back.                 

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Lee Bonneau, a 6 year old kid, was killed on August 21st. The only suspect is another kid under 12 years of age.

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In the past couple of months or years, the National Football League has changed some rules towards hit to the head or neck on a defenseless player. Some people may think it takes all of the hitting concept out of the sport but technically it's only a preventive law for player's safety. Not only that they changed the rules on those kind of hit but players who keep doing those cheap shots are penalized whether it's on or off the field, for instance they get a 15 yards penalty during the game but they also may have to pay certain amount of money to be able to play the next week or so.

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