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  It is not uncommon for those who hold an abundance power to abuse it. The list of child celebrities who grow up to become spoiled, bratty and manipulative is endless. Similarly, wealthy industries, such as those in the oil industry, have influenced the media in unethical ways.

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Genetically modified foods (or GM foods) are foods in which the DNA has been altered with the genetic material of other organisms, thus, allowing a lower price of production and a better resistance against plant diseases. In today’s society, GM products take a very big part in the food market. About 70% of all processed foods in the United States contain at least one genetically modified ingredient (

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               Montreal is a city known for its festivals and grand displays of culture from all around the world. A city in which 3.5 million people call home, however there are some things which can often be overlooked. Quebec has the second highest percentage of Homeless people in Canada behind Ontario. Quebec being at 17.5% and Ontario being 46.9% of the estimated 300,000 homeless people in the country. Many of these people live within a line so entrenched in poverty it’s almost impossible for them to get out without external aid.

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