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Many of women are the victims of the violence. According to, half of women in Canada have experienced at least one incident of violence since the age of 16.There are two big types of violence, which are physical or either psychological. More specificly,we can also consider the sexual violence and verbal violence.

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In the article " Richard Sherman: 'Racism is alive and active' in NFL and America (May 8th 2014), Sherman tells us how not surprised he is about the Racist comments said by now former NBA LA Clipper Owner Donald Sterling. This article explain that Donald Sterling was Banned for life of the NBA because of his Racist comments on players on his own team. Richard Sherman is one of the best NFL Athletes and is the Top paid cornerback of all time.

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The article ‘Where Are You From?’ is Clumsy but Not Racist, posted on the Huffington Post September 10th 2015, Deena Douara argues that we have become uncomfortable to describe someone using their skin color when instead, we should become sensitive to the prejudices around it. When we speak about someone and describe that person as black, it can offend people and even be labelled as racist right away. The author often states that as soon as we associate a character trait or a custom with a certain minority it is seen as racist.

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In her article, Blind people see race differently, and perhaps more wisely, posted on August 25, 2015, Carolyn Gregoire explains the results of a small study which took place at the University of Delaware about how blind people see the concept of race. The study was led by a group of sociologist and their subjects were twenty five blind people, born blind or who had lost sight throughout their lives. The main (hypo) thesis of the research could be resumed as ‘’will these people determine the race of someone just like sighted people?’’ They seem to think they won’t.

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