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Coral Phillips                 Could you handle being verbally attacked by thousands of people on social media because of the color of your skin? Summary

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In her news article entitled “Torrence Collier, 11, says he faces racism, extreme bullying in Westport”, published on June 11, 2014 on CBC News, Lindsay Bird depicts the exasperating life of little Torrence Collier, an 11 years old year boy from Newfoundland who is victim of extreme racism and bullying at school. This 5th grade student is the only black child at St. Peter’s Academy in the town of Wesport. The author says the racist incidents includes racist comments and getting bullied every day by the other white students.

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The article entitled “Shocking Video Shows Horrific Racist Tirade Unleashed On Calgary Cab Driver," written by Michelle Butterfield was posted on the Huffington Post on July 21st 2015. The author states that on a November night, in 2013, a Calgary cab driver called Qayyum, a brown skinned men, lifted a white male passenger form downtown Calgary. This men wanted to stop in a fast food restaurant on his way home, however the chit finished in thirteen minutes, so they did not have the time.

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Racial Profiling is Alive at any Age  

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In the article entitled “The ‘Angry Black Woman’ Stereotype Is Justifying Police Brutality”, (Huffington post, August 13th, 2015), Eternity E. Martis argues that black women are treated very aggressively by United States’ police officers. They are savagely brutalised, slammed to the ground, dragged, beaten, pummelled, pushed, by police officers with the excuse that they were angry black women. Almost all cases reported of brutality ended up with the same story… that these women looked like suspects.

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Professional Women:  Never forget the goalI recently watched a video in class showing women talking about the difficulties and hardships of being their gender in this world. One part that took my interest was the talk about professional women, and how they are treated and talked about in contrast to professional men. This post is essentially a collection of my thoughts and experiences in dealing with this topic in the working world. 

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