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Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that when you watch the news and hear about mass murdering or even a simple murder done by a man of color, society immediately needs to point out and emphasize the fact that the crime’s motives must be linked to his ethnicity, faith or culture. As if the crime and the man themselves are overshadowed by the fact that the perpetrator is not white, and then suddenly his actions speak for the entirety of his race or religion.

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Maria Jose Acosta 28/10/2014 Article summary.   Cold Heart.  

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In the article “Civil Rights Act: Colorado Springs woman’s prejudices evaporate through experiences” by Caro; McGraw, posted on July 2, 2014 states Lucy Bell lost her prejudices towards minorities. Bell grew up in North Dakota, a place where racism is often felt towards the native population so she always held these prejudices. She went on to become a school teacher and surprisingly to her she taught native students. This was an eye opener to her as she saw injustice and how wrong racism was about their culture.

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            If we look around ourselves, we will notice the negative images the media advertises.  While watching television, while passing by a billboard on the street, while surfing the Internet and while flipping through a simple magazine, we see how media sells sex in advertisements.   

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I've heard tons of stories about women feeling ashamed of themselves or being shamed by others after having been raped. Sexual assault, like other forms of physical violence, is a criminal offence that should not be excusable in any way. If a person were shot, stabbed, beaten or strangled, their reaction would be to immediately tell everyone they know and have the perpetrators punished. Yet, often times when women are raped, their feelings of shame and guilt prevents them from seeking help and justice.

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