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Formerly part of the great British Empire, Canada and India/Pakistan, share many similarities, but there are also discrepancies in their individual histories. The main similitude of colonial Canada and colonial India is the purpose of their colonisation. The goal of the British, in both cases, was to establish trade. They exploited the natives of each land, the First Nations in the Americas and the inhabitants of India, by buying large quantities of raw materials such as beaver fur/timber or cotton.

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I believe that religion holds a very important place in society, especially in Canada. The country is renowned for its multiculturalism and acceptance of immigrants. This is great for our culture and aids the raising of a modern and accepting generation. However, with more and more people practicing more and more different religions, conflicts are more probable to happen. Such disagreements often occur between highly religious groups and the secular population. They can range from minor to major.

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Religion’s place in the society is a big debate today. With the charter of values, religion’s place is being debated even more. Personally, I believe that religion should have a certain role in the society but I would rather advocate that its role should only be a spiritual role. Religion should not have an impact on government’s decisions and on the way people live their lives, because not everyone sees life in the same way. Society should not be guided by beliefs. Indeed, society should be secular according to me.

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To begin, I think that the place of religion in society should be private. Here are my thoughts on this topic. I have absolutely no problem with any religion and I have absolutely no problem with anyone who believes in a particular religion. I love diversity because that is what makes us open ourselves and grow in the inside. However, I think that for society's and every individual's best interests, religion needs to stay private. I just want to say that going to church or to the mosque is absolutely fine, but promoting a particular religion publically should not be done.

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