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The conflicts between the Israeli government and the Palestinian people is an extremely complex geopolitical one that dates back to the creation of Israel itself in 1948, on the land already occupied by the people of Palestine. At first, it was believed the two peoples could share the land and live together in harmony, but it was soon to be discovered that this was not the case, with the Israelis encroaching upon Palestinian land and relocating them, even going so far as to occupy territory of other countries.

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Nowadays, we live in a society where all opinions are consider as important as any others opinions. However, in the beginning of the twenty-first century the political right mix with religious beliefs and misinformation really create a debate on which the science community was constantly criticize. People were wondering who is right and who is not. Therefore, the idea of freedom of opinions makes an arrival.

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            In Alan Young's article “The goal of legalized cannabis shouldn’t be corporate gold”, published in The Globe and Mail, July 15th 2016, we are offered an insightful perspective on the longstanding question of Cannabis legalization, or rather, how would be best to treat marijuana in a post-legalization Canada. The author begins the article by writing about his own personal experience in the quest to legalize cannabis.

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I think, therefore I am

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