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In my opinion, religion should be present in society. I believe that it is part of the various cultures and it is quite an important aspect. I believe that it is part of our backgrounds and what makes us unique individuals and helps shape our views on the world. I believe that an important aspect of having religion be a part of society is having people accept each other’s differences and that it is one of the ways to eliminate hatred too. I believe that religion itself shouldn’t be put into law but a lot of our laws are based on religion and it is just logical for them to do so.

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Through taking a look at a variety of societies throughout the world, a clear distinction may be made between the ones where religion plays an important role and the ones where religion has taken a step back. Some societies have religious public schools which is the norm in their beliefs but in our society, Quebec has made a clear separation between religious beliefs and education. From my rather atheist point of view, I do not believe religious beliefs should hold their importance in a student’s educational life.

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