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John Clays TED talk: “How big brands can help save biodiversity” goes on to convince 100 key companies to go sustainable.  Jason Clay says that international companies will shift to protect our planet that human’s consumption has outgrown.  He talks about how his he has gotten big brand rivals to agree on green practices first before their products are put on store shelves.   

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Most have heard of the great garbage patch found in the Pacific Ocean, however, many have not realized of the immensely large garbage build up found in the Atlantic. Richard A. Lovett illustrates the issues of the garbage found in the Atlantic in the article, “Huge Garbage Patch Found in Atlantic Too,” National Geographic News, published in March 2010, one can see the affect of having one major news story contribute to the disregard of an other.

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When a child is born, depending on their sex, their father treats them differently. If it`s a girl, he will swear to protect her even when she`s all grown up and experience life on her own. Whereas boys don’t get the same special treatment, they are thrown into the world with barely any guidelines or help and have to fit their father`s ideals. They only get intervened when they bring shame to a man`s image, so for example if they show weakness such as emotions or pain, or if they play with dolls.

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Anxiety/Sleeping pills can increase Alzheimer's risk   Summary

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Psychology Mental Health James Hughes-Scavone     Article: Don’t confuse mental health with addiction   Summary  

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