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            In the article “Oprah Winfrey and the Handbag She Couldn’t Have” published in the New York Times on August 9th 2015 by Christine Hauser, the author states that Oprah wanted to go to a luxurious store to buy this very expensive handbag. The brand of the handbag was Tom Ford with real crocodile skin and it approximately costs about 38 thousand dollars. As soon as she walked into the store, she had her eyes set on that handbag and so she asked the employee if she could see it and hold it.

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      In the article “14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed arrested for beginning homemade clock to school.” Rich McCormick explores the incident that occurred in Irving, Texas on the 14th of September, 2015. Ahmed Mohamed had been arrested at his school due to his teacher confiscating a homemade clock that he had made the day before. The author explains the device was simple, made from circuit board, a power supply wired to a digital display inside of a casing with a digital screen on the front. Although when he showed his clock to his teacher, she confiscated it from him.

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The article entitled “Charleston shootings: Death penalty sought for Dylann Roof”, published on September 4 2015 on BBC News, is about a 21 years old killer, Dylann Roof. Prosecutor Scarlett Wilson states that Dylann Roof will get the punishment he deserves to have killed nine innocents black individual, while they were studying in a church. This church which is located in South Carolina is nationally known as an historic black church, which leaded the federal prosecutors to say that Dylann Roof’s behaviour was racially motivated.

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Have you ever been discriminated, made fun of because of your skin color or felt like you didn’t belong somewhere, well you’re not the only one. Serena Williams, 3 time winner of the French Opens, and many more has been discriminated a lot. In the article called “Serena Williams subjected to racism, sexist remarks following French Open victory” by the WITW Staff (Woman in the World) published on June 8th 2015, they talk about how Serena Williams continues to be targeted by racism and sexist remarks about her body.

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