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The prevalence of child soldiers is a tragic phenomenon that spans different warring nations.  Watch and respond to the following video by a former Sudanese child soldier named Emmanuel Jal.  

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1. Watch Part 1 of the CBC documentary “Love, Hate & Propaganda: War on Terror” (45 minutes) available here:  

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According to the Merriam-Webster online dictionary, “extremism” is defined as “belief in and support for ideas that are very far from what most people consider correct or reasonable”.  This definition provides me with more clarity now.  I had a general understanding of what extremism is; however, this definition gives me a more concrete understanding of the fact that extremism can be applied to almost all ideas and beliefs that people may have, and not just those being of religious roots.  

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This article presents many theories as to why men are so violent. The author argues that men are expected to act in violent behaviors because they are pressured by social media, and most importantly other men. If some men exercise “softer” masculinities, they can be discriminated, punished and even socially excluded. Hegemonic masculinity proves that in a patriarchal society, men don’t only practice violence on women, but also on [weaker] men.

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“This Is When Racial Bias Begins to Impact a Child’s Empathy for Pain, Study Suggests:” An article written by Macrina Cooper-White who claims the empathy one feels in regards to another’s pain depends on one’s own racial bias, even when it comes to a child. The author states that previous research has shown that White people sweat more when they witness a White person suffering than when it is a Black person, and that a number of doctors prescribe stronger pain medication to White patients compared to Black patients. She affirms this unconscious bias to be a racial empathy gap.

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            Eternity E. Martis wrote the article titled “What It’s Like to See Blackface on Halloween as a Women of Color” published on October 27th, 2014 on the Huffington Post.  This article discusses a personal story that Martis experienced on Halloween of 2012 when she was attending a university Halloween party at a trendy bar.  The author explains that she went to the party with two of her close friends, who like herself, are of color.

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            Julee Wilson wrote the article titled “Black Model Nykhor Paul Is ‘Tired Of Apologizing For [Her] Blackness’”, which was published on July 7th, 2015 on the Huffington Post.  This article discusses the recent open letter that was posted on Instagram, by Nykhor Paul, a 25-year-old Sudanese professional model.  Wilson explains that Nykhor Paul was outraged towards the makeup artists in the fashion industry for making her feel bad about her skin color, as well as for being unprepared and acting in an unprofessional manner.  Wilson goes on to mention that Paul questioned why she has

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In the article entitled "School Principal Fired after Racist Remarks about 'black people' at Graduation," written by Hilary Hanson, published on May 5th 2105, posted on the Huffington Post, talks about a women named Nancy Gordeuk, a school principal being fired after making racist remarks about 'black people' at a high school graduation. During the graduation, Gordeuk accidentally dismissed the crowd before letting th valedictorian give their speech. Gordeuk asked and tried to keep the families from leaving.

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