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The India-Pakistan relationship as resembled the one Québec and Canada is currently encountering.  Alot of people in Québec believe that Québec should be it's very own country.  This point is being defended strongly by Francoise David in the current 2014 Québec elections.  Even though being unlikely, if Québec Solidaire were to enter government as head of our province, David promises to recreate the Québec constitution and get on the matter of asking the population about our future and wether we want part in the Canadian federation or not.

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Cellphones, why block them from our classes when we can use them at an educational level.

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Being interested in politics, I decided to do my research paper about dictatorship.  Looking back in history, dictatorship as seen some terrible leaders.  There are alot of pros and cons to be taken in when looking back at dictatorship.  What I believe is that dicatorship is a system destined to failure, because it is centralized on the needs and beliefs of one individual.

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Dictatorships ruled over several countries during the 20th century.  From Stalinist-Russia, to Nazi-Germany and Pinochet’s Chile all had repressive leaders that crushed and abused the rights of their civilian.  With the help of the United-States of America, Pinochet’s military regime overthrew Salvador Allende’s “Popular Unity coalition”, which was democratically elected by the people.  Allende was a man beloved by his people.  He was a left-wing politician that wanted the best for his people.

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During World War II, two leaders of terror squared-off against the countries of the world.  They used fear and violence to dominate over their people.  Two of the best-known dictators of history:  Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin.  Two dictators who are similar, but very different at the same time.  

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Stephen Harper is basically the "Jean Charest" of Canada.  The man stuck around for a while, did some good things, some more questionable, but now is the time for him to go.  This could happen sooner then expected, because of the Duffy scandal.

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In the municipal elections for Montral's new mayor, Denis Coderre has been well ahead in the poles for a while, but he might have Mélanie Joly right up in his rear mirror.

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  Quebec has been an integrated part of Canada for years now.  Yet, some have the belief that Quebec should separate from Canada to become it’s own country.  Lebel and Marois are both secessionist, but they wish not to speak of it.

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  The Obama administration has contributed to the biggest debt in American history and has put the economy in a tight spot.  Some say that in order to make money, you have to spend it.  The U.S took this principle to the test to many times and they’re apparently not done testing.

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In Canada we have the incredible opportunity to live with free universal health care.  We live on this nice little cloud where hospitals are free and specialists can be appointed to us when needed.  This isn't the case for third world countries who live under horrible health conditions.

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I will admit to the guilty pleasure of playing Grand Theft Auto V.  It's a fun game and I have enjoyed it so far.  But if we take a step back, we must realise that such games shouldn't be made.  People, please keep an open mind.

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Our world as often been referenced as the blue pearl.  It's majestic oceans which take up a majority of the space, are the reason for the name it as been given.  A question remains: is the blue turning black?  Our water is being polluted greatly, and the color scheme is changing.

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  Even if we don’t know, big companies used strategies to make you buy their product. This is called marketing. Multinationals are spending billion of dollars on marketing and this is what makes them sell more products. There is two companies in particular that are real leaders in this domain: McDonald and Starbucks

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Today, a terrible tragedy occured in Ottawa.  A double-decker bus crashed into a Via Rail train and caused the death of six people.  Even with the passengers screams to stop, the bus driver jus couldn't stop the vehicle on time, causing a few fatalities and many broken hearts.

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Around the National Football League there is a lot of hits considered dangerous, for instance helmet-to-helmet hits are banned from the game. Players who will do those kind of hit will be penalize on and off the field. A couple of them happened in the second week of the NFL’s regular season, Washington safety gave a blow to his opponent’s head (Green Bay Packers’ ball carrier) and another one in the game at New Orleans, where a Tampa Bay player hit a defenseless player. Dashon Goldson, Buccaneers safety, was suspended for a whole week of activity until today, September 18, 2013.

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According to a recent study, one in 20 Canadians meet the criteria a food addict. Well, that is according to a team of researcher’s in Newfoundland.  Should we be worried?

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Russian president Vladimir Putin as proven to be one special leader for Russia.  He's been at the origin of some very strange, two-faced statements.  He as done it yet again after Barrack Obama's plan to make a preventive attack on Syria.  

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Ever since it's existence, the Internet as proven itself to be the host of some very unique content.  Things can go viral in a heartbeat and predicting what will be the next hit is nearly impossible.  Well the new sensation as now been found.  They're unique, they're weird and they're funny.  It's Ylvis.

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  Newtown, Connecticut. Aurora, Colorado. These two towns have a common link: they have been victims of innocent people mass shootings. One have been in an elementary school and the other one in a theater making a lot of death and a lot of tears for the entire world. The weapon of the crime: guns.

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  Cameras everywhere, even at your work or when you are walking down the street. Spying has now become normal. Knowing that some of your friends are at the restaurant and seeing pictures of their common life is now natural for us. However, 10 years ago it was not. People were having real conversations and had to learn about other’s life by themselves instead of sharing a post or pictures. In fact, now that people can know every single thing you do, keeping a private life has become more difficult over the years.

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In the past five years, Toyota as had many customer recalls for mechanical issues on some of their big name vehicles like the Yaris, the Tacoma and etc. It appears their troubles have not passed; another recall has been mailed out to some more japanes car owners.

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For the last few years, there has been a big debate going on in the U.S about president Barrack Obama's health care system, better known has Obamacare.  In an effort to raise awareness about the importance of a health coverage game plan, Obama required the National Football League's help.  The NFL refused, but one team took the matter in it's own hands.

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    Not long ago, the consumption of marijuana has been permitted in Denver and other places around the world.  Indeed, smoking pot has had a sudden reappearance since the Beatle’s and the hype has been amplified by artists like Wiz Khalifa and etc.  Now what does this have to do with the head of the Canadian liberal party, Justin Trudeau?  

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    Let’s face it, us students and adults have really tight schedules.  We often postpone doctor’s appointments, events, meetings with friends and much more.  Well since 2011, a lot of Taiwanese women made the choice to postpone their pregnancies and marriages to a more convenient moment in their lives.  How can they manage to do so and is it in a safe and natural way?

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“The greatest sin our time is not the few who have destroyed, but the vast majority of who sat idly by.” ~ Martin Luther King Jr.

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