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Gentrification has become a rising issue in diverse parts of the world, this issue is of serious matter as it causes increase in rent for residents who might not be able to afford it. There’s also more to gentrification, on a cultural level, gentrification is also responsible for destruction of buildings which are important to a neighbourhood’s history. In Valerie Vande Pannes article “How Harlem residents found a unique way to fight gentrification” posted on Salon, shows a detailed overview of the causes & effects and ways to fight gentrification in New York City’s East Harlem.

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The article ‘’Air pollution rising at an 'alarming rate' in world's cities’’ written by John Vidal describes the growing phenomenon in cities all around the world that is air pollution. Through the use of datas and quotations, the author of this article shows that air pollution is a phenomenon that is growing worldwide and that it is truly detrimental to our cities.  In the past five years, according to recent studies, air pollution has globally increased by 8%.

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The American Presidential election of 2016 shed light to the businessman Donald J. Trump’s real value and intentions. Most people called him racist and misogynists although, on November 8, 2016, he was elected President of the United States. One of the reasons for his election was his view on Muslims and terrorism.

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How many times have we looked at someone and, almost immediately, assumed aspect or even the entire entity that were staring at? This is an aspect of human instinct considered, at least for the most part, as normal. However, when this aspect and very malicious ideologies get mixed together and remains unchecked, the results can be very dangerous.

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Feminism and Humanism: What’s the difference?   Equal rights, self-determination, and integrity are all forms of rights feminists prove to highlight, but just how is this possible if society is so against regulating all of these controversies? Many people may have never thought about the similarities that go hand-in-hand between two terms that everyone is familiar about; humanism and feminism.    

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