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     Over a year ago, I started volunteering on a monthly basis with Greenpeace, the Phare de Longeuil working with homeless people, and the Santropol Roulant collaborating with elderly and xenophobic people. I always really enjoyed it, but recently, I came to realize that I wanted to engage myself into a greater commitment, something that would maybe not reach a lot of people, but that could have a greater impact on one individual. I wanted to meet and share with someone experiencing a different reality, or at least, more than I was used to.

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As a final project, I decided to volunteer. Volunteering gives a new sense of community involvement and opening one’s mind. I decided to take the knowledge I have obtained from living on my own at a young age to try and help others. Unfortunately, volunteering in today’s society is quite difficult to achieve; emails are sent, phone calls made, messages left, and yet no response. For the previous reasons, I decided to take the knowledge I have obtained from living on my own at a young age to try and help others.

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On a letter of opinion published in the Montreal Gazette, written by Katharine Cukier, a Montreal teacher, entitled Opinion: the ‘Gated Communities’ of Education in Quebec, the author shows the problem that our current educational system has while providing a solution to fix them. She starts by showing that Quebeckers are lucky to live in a country that provides social programs, unlike the United States where schools have become a business. However, she points out that our way of seeing education is becoming like the 51st state of the USA by increasingly privatizing education.

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On an article untitled Bachelor’s degree still worth it published on August 30, 2010 by MacLean’s journal, a study regarding the rate of return of higher education shows that pursuing higher education is still profitable for future workers. Indeed, researchers Torben Drewes and Daniel Boothby found that the salaries were higher for those who pursued college or university. In order to conclude this, researchers compared the earnings premiums between 1980 and 2005.

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Just a few days ago, Hillary Rodham Clinton announced her 2016 presidential bid for the Democratic Party and this came as no surprise. However, what did come as a surprise was the overwhelming amount of negative attention Clinton received as a female politician running for office. Just days after her announcement, polls popped up online asking if people believe the United States is ready for a female president. Just hours after her announcement, journalists were writing articles about the Ms. Clinton’s age.

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Jane Goodall is a famous British primatologist.  Her passion for animals started with a toy chimpanzee given by her father when she was about one year old, in 1935. Indeed, since she was young, she dreamt about living in Africa to examine animals’ behavior. For instance, when she was five years old, in 1939, she could hide herself from her family for hours in a henhouse in order to discover where the eggs come from. When she finally came back, instead of being punished, her mother encouraged her to believe in her dreams.

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On an article published last week, on March 2, 2015, untitled Alcohol-abuse risks need more attention in Canada, researchers say, CBC News summarize a research that talks about the dangers that the typical individual with a drinking problem may face. Indeed, since binge drinking is responsible for seven percent of all deaths and accidents in Canada, the authors of the research, Dr. Anne Moyer and Dr. John Finney, started to wonder if doctors are doing enough to spot and refer patients who have drinking issues.

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According to an article called At-risk Montreal schools fight high dropout rates published by CBC News on December 13, 2013, dropout rates of students are the most pronounced in the East Island of Montreal mainly because of poverty. On the other hand, Danish students do not seem really affected by this issue since they are getting paid from the government to attend to school, as described by an article from journalist Rick Noack from the Washington Post posted on February 4, 2015 named Why Danish students are paid to go to college.

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***Disclaimer: I am, in no shape or form, promoting the bashing of people who suffer from obesity, or those who have insecurities about their bodies. My aim is to provide a factual and ethical view of what needs to be done in order to reduce and prevent obesity. ***

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You are most probably one of the millions of people in the world who illegally downloads music for free on the Internet. For over a decade, there have been debates regarding the ethical dilemma of downloading music without paying for it. On one hand, the impact is felt on the artists and on the record labels that produce the works because of a considerable decline in CD sales. On the other hand, the ease of instantly downloading music and the variety of songs offered on the file-sharing sites are the main reasons why music fans do not want to pay for CDs.

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On an article from CTV News named School Boards Have to Make Budget Choice, Says Yves Bolduc published on August 28, 2014, Quebec education minister Yves Bolduc made a controversy by saying, on August 26, to the French newspaper Le Devoir that there was enough books in school libraries. This source is reliable because, the day after, Bolduc himself went on national television to restate his position by asking librarians to spend as much on books as the previous years.

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On an article published on September 17, 2014 untitled Teen suspended after selling non-diet pop from his locker, CTV News give an example to show how North American are addicted to junk food. Indeed, they describe the story of Keenan Shaw, a 17-years-old teenager from Winston Churchill High School, Alberta, who got suspended for selling a prohibited, but popular, drink called Coca Cola.  Everything started when his school decided to adopt a nutritional guideline that bans regular soda pop while allowing the diet one.

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Original title: Quebec takes steps to protect pets from shock collars, prongs Global News, Quebec Politics   By Billy Shields Reporter Global News                                                                                                    Published on July 7th, modified on July 14th 2014  

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On an article untitled Puppy mill uncovered on a farm in Quebec’s Eastern Township published on May 24, 2014, CBC News describe one of many situations regarding animal cruelty in Quebec. This source is reliable because CBC News is a renowned media, and, also, because the same information concerning this particular event can be found in many other online journals. This particular case takes place in the farm Les P’tites Pattes Poilues at Bonsecour, a little community located between the cities of Sherbrooke and Granby.

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                           Fired for Teaching History?

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 I would like to explain about poverty children in the world. Especially, I focused on the hunger. There are many poverty children in the world. It is about 870 million people of the 7 billion people in the world. I think it is too much people. Also, one in eight, were suffering from chronic undernourishment 2010 to 2012. In addition, we should be focus on their problem. Many children don’t have the food, or money, so they can’t eat it enough. The number of undernourished people decreased nearly 30 percent in Asia and the Pacific from 739 million to 563 million.

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I found an article Are Recent College Graduates Finding Good Jobs? (Jaison R. Abel and colleagues., 2014), which did a great job on discussing issues about unemployment and underemployment of people who do or do not have a bachelor’s degree or higher, and have recently graduated or not, and formatted figures based on data of different way to look into the question.

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The article posted on CBB Montreal on June 12, 2013 states that in Quebec’s national assembly, all four parties agree on the bill to allow euthanasia, however doctors are not in favour because they would have to take someone’s life. One of the doctors interviewed, Dr. Marc Beauchamp, states that allowing the bill to pass would be opening a large door in ethics.

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