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In the world that we live in these days, very few are the places that are free of pollution. In fact, every country has different issues to treat concerning the environment. These different issues often come from their industrial activities or their habits in their day to day lives. Therefore, these important problems need to be solved, and fast to save this world we live in because the environment is only getting worst. Thus, many environmental professionals from many different countries did researches on the main local environmental issues.

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All around the world, it happens that certain countries have difficulty with their waste management. In fact, this major problem in different location can be dangerous for certain humans being health. Some, can be affected by what we call; hazardous waste. This kind of garbage is most of the time composed of toxic chemicals that can come from factories and can be very dangerous for human health. So, a study has been done on the subject to know exactly how bad waste management can affect health. For this study, they analyzed population that are exposed to this said hazardous waste.

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The state of Utah, due to a bad geographic position, is often affected by air pollution. The cold air is trapped under warm water trapping a lot of pollution throughout Utah. In 2012, Utah Gov. named Gary Herbert created a group of concerned residents called the Utah Clean Air Partnership (UCAIR). The main purpose of the group is to question people on what they could do to improve the environment.

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A research was made by Danielle Green, a fellow in the Biochemistry Research Group at Trinity College in Ireland, on the impacts of plastic bags on the marine life. Her main questioning was about whether basic plastic bags or biodegradable plastic bags had the same effect on the oceans. After nine weeks of experiments, she found out that plastic bags diminished the quantity of microalgae by blocking the access to sunlight, oxygen and nutrients.

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More and more we are talking about how oceans are getting extremely more polluted by plastic and other materials than before. This article which the title is “Drowning in litter” explains to us a bit more why it has so much a big impact on the marine life. A number that could help us visualize this issue is approximately 8 million tonnes of only plastic end up in the ocean each year. Yet, more than 690 species who live underwater are victims of these plastic wastes. The thing is that a majority of these marine species are attracted by the smell of plastic and mistake it with their food.

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Humans have suspected a relationship between air pollution and some health problems since a while now. In fact, after a few studies, scientists found out that the pollution in the air causes health disorders like infertility. After they have looked into the link between the exposure of humans to environmental air pollutants and fertility, research proved that the bad air quality has a negative impact on both genders gametogenesis. This brings many disadvantages to the gametes, it affects their quantity, quality and it can also affect the embryo development.

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