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One of the planet’s largest ecosystems is brewing in controversy: is manmade pollution impacting the oceans?  Recent studies have shown that marine degradation is rapidly accelerating with thousands of tons of waste such as sewage, oil, chemicals, and mostly plastic, entering the oceans every day creating trash vortexes. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is the largest of all and spans from Japan to the West Coast of the United States.

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The article “Pacific NorthWest LNG assessment underestimated risks to salmon, study claims”, focuses on a scientific study that challenges the approval of the Pacific Northwest liquefied natural gas (henceforth LNG) project. The LNG project consists of a proposed natural gas liquefaction and export facility on Lelu Island in British Columbia, and was approved in September 2016.

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    Most people are very familiar with vaccinations; whether they have children that were vaccinated at birth, they remember themselves vaccinated or someone they know being vaccinated. It is a typical that the majority of people have received vaccines because, this is what we have been taught to be the best practice. There have been many requirements throughout the world, requiring students to be vaccinated to attend school.

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Article Title: Ontario government scraps plan for $3.8 billion in renewable energy projects

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Article Title: Wind, solar energy real options for Canada's remote Arctic communities Shifting away from dependence on non-renewable energy sources (i.e. diesel) to renewable sources (i.e. solar and wind) is not only better for the environment but also for Arctic community pocket books. Communities living in Canada’s Arctic have the greatest involvement in regards to this matter. Energy companies and government are also involved.

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