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Last year, at the end of October 2015, the most populous country in the world announced the end of the one-child policy. This public policy of birth control implemented by China since 1979 would henceforth allow the married couples to give birth to a second child, thing that was not recommended to do before. Intended to limit communist China’s population growth, the policy occured mainly by criminalizing parents who have more than one child or by implementing abortions and sterilizations by force.

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In the article “SPCA threatens to end pound services if Montreal bans pit bulls” by Michelle Lalonde a writer of the Montreal Gazette, she discusses how the soon to be implemented law to ban pit bulls is now going to affect the SPCA’s future. The banning of this race forces the SPCA to go against what their purpose is. The SPCA was created with the intentions to protect, care for and to rehabilitate animals who have been neglected and mal treated until they find their forever home.

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In the article “Heaven over hospital: Parents honor dying child’s request” Elizabeth Cohen from CNN raises an unusual situation concerning medical care; can a five-year-old child decide on her own to refuse medical care. 

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With our rapidly evolving technology, the world will soon see automobiles that drive themselves. Indeed, companies such as Google, Mercedes and Volkswagen are already testing these driverless machines (Pedwell). These cars promise to increase safety, provide mobility solutions for disabled people, ease traffic congestion and increase time for doing other activities while the vehicle drives itself. Yet, as convenient as this invention might be, it also opens the door to some ethical issues. During a test drive in February 14th 2016, Google’s Autonomous Vehicle (AV) was partly blamed for causing an accident with a bus. This incident let the government to declare that strong regulations needed to be established in matters of ethical issues with the new driverless vehicles (Pedwell). In other words, a moral code should be created and programmed into these AVs before they can be presented to the public.

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