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Geneviève Léveillé ISSUE ANALYSIS – News summary & Analysis   Abortion: freedom or offense?

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There is as much ways to govern as the number of country there is in the world. As Canadians, we have the chance to live in a country that is governed by democracy. However, as we noticed during the past few weeks, Syrian people are not as lucky as we are. Indeed, the Syrian government would most likely be the author of the use of chemical weapons held against its own people.

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Assisted Suicide: Unraveling a complex issue Written by: Mark Erksek, RN, PhD.  

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The legalization of marijuana has been an extremely controversial topic for many, many years now. A lot of people would say it’s barely a drug, having many less negative effects than alcohol, and no reported cases of death. However, others would argue that, saying it is a gateway to more serious and addicting drugs. Political leader Justin Trudeau made a statement in August saying that he was not only for decriminalization of marijuana, but also for the legalization and taxation of it.

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  The article “Canadian Poll Shows Split on Whether it's OK for Gov't to Spy on Citizens Online” written by Michael Oliveira brings to light an issue that touches the lives of most Canadians. Many citizens now use the Internet regularly for various activities. We assume that we are aware and in control of the privacy of our online browsing. This might not be the case. According to the poll results introduced in the article, some people already think that our online privacy is being investigated. Many people have different opinions about this issue.

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