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The Heiltsuk First Nations is continuing to suffer from the effects of an oil spill that occurred last fall along the coast of Bella Bella, B.C. The tugboat ran aground creating extensive damage to the bilge tank, causing an estimated 110,000 litres of diesel and another 2,000 litres of lubricants to be pumped out into the ocean. The aquatic spill has resulted in the contamination of Gale Pass, a sacred Heiltsuk harvesting area that is home to manila clam and other shellfish.

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Winding down after the worst wildfire season on record for British Columbia, the provincial state of emergency and evacuation orders have been rescinded. In the CBC News article, “Fires compound losses of harvestable timber in BC's Interior,” it is stated that in just three months, nearly 50,000 people were displaced from their homes and costed the province more than $510 million to fight (Kelly, 2017). The lack of precipitation and fuel buildup resulted in the merger of nineteen forest fires to form the single largest blaze in BC history.

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