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Social Network should be forbidden because it invades our privacy and it has bad consequences on our daily lives.  

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In that project, I choose to talk about the concussions in sports. In the last years, more and more professional sports are thinking about avoid the fights and the violence between the players. Clearly, they get diseases at long term because of that and we have to find solutions about that problem. As an athlete, it also scared me to be hurt and it’s not cool (for the player, the team, fans friend and family) to be stop by and injury like a concussion. That’s why I decided to make my Research Project on this subject.  

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Concussion in sports touches more and more athletes in sports; from young to old athletes. Concussion is dangerous; it can start from a little headache to a sever disease. But this issue comes from the bottom, where the bodychecks are not necessarily well educated by the Minor hockey coaches and especially misused.  

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Concussion is affecting too much athletes. Voluntary or not, a hit to the head can have several consequences on a life. In hockey, football, soccer, boxing, football, swimming, gymnastic and others sports, there is always a danger to caught a concussion. Even at house or anywhere. The issue is that most of the people do not know the several consequences of a concussion, and especially the time they have to rest. Generally, a “normal” concussion takes ten days to get off. Athletes get the spirit of competition and they want to come back as fast as possible; consult a doctor before.

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Finding motivation to start physical activity could be hard if you have adopted a sedentary lifestyle. We live in a sedentary society where people are always on their cellphones, texting or tweeting something. This attitude can be useful for your training. A lot of applications have been created to help you get in shape.

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After have known a really bad start season, the Montreal Alouettes finally and suprisly confirms their place in playoffs, in third place behind Hamilton and Toronto. From the start of the season, the injuries take more and more the players to the clinic, which obviously left a mark on the rest of the season.

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Across the globe, there are numerous amounts of athletes who use drugs. Some use the drugs to increase their performance level, to hide their injuries, or to relax. The usage of drugs has always been a part of sports and there’s a big fight against the usage of drugs in competitions. For whatever reason an athlete might consume a drug, it is obvious that it is bad. It goes against the religion of sports and it’s harming for their own heath.

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Solar energy is one of the basic energy of life. We all take energy from the sun (plants, humans, animals) and we cannot live without any sun-rays on earth. We also know that solar energy is a source of safe energy. So, why do we not try to take advantage of it by using solar electric panels?

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It comes together; the winter Olympics Games (OG) approaches, we starts to debate about ‘Why the National Hockey League (NHL) players should or shouldn’t play at the Olympics?’ Especially this year, negotiations have been long and serious between the NHL, the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) and the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

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In the past 20 years, government and some associations really encourage and insist the population to make sport a life style. And this is not for nothing; more than 700 millions of people are suffering of obesity. Besides that, the quote ‘A healthy spirit in a healthy body’ is getting more and more popular. Why?

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Montreal Impact had played their fourth and last CONCACAF game yesterday, against C.D. Heredia. They finally wined their first game of the championship, 2-0. But if they wanted to pass on final quarter, they had to score 6 goals of difference with the Guatemalan team.

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Hockey pre-season finish on September 29th; every teams will have played seven games. Even if it’s only the pre-games, players don’t give their place; they played physical, hard and intense.   National Hockey League‘s (NHL) chief player disciplinarian, Brendan Shanahan, already had job on this new hockey season. Shanahan had to suspend 5 players. Before making a decision, he have to analyses all the play and how the players are positioned, before the hit.

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         There’s a lot of good teams when it comes to sports, and in every sport there’s always one team that is better than all the other teams. Now what makes them better? Is it because the team is built with superstars? The answer to that is no, most good teams have great team spirit which allows them to go far. Team spirit holds a team together and only success can come from it. Without any team spirit in a sports team, the team cannot compete to the same level as others.

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Since the tragedy of Megantic Lake, Medias don’t stop talking of trains accidents. But this is real, even we give the excuse that we heard more story about train since this summer. The trains seem to be more and more dangerous, problematic and economically on drop.

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Hockey preseason: rookies, veterans, excitement. In other words: examination of the rookies. After a big season last year, Montreal Canadiens haven’t great showed up on their two pre-season games.  

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I chose this article about a young bodybuilder because I regularly workout at the gym and often see young teenagers there simply because they want to be with their friends. They don't really have a clue how to workout. In the article however, the child that is working out clearly knows how to workout. At the same time, I have never seen anyone this young doing any bodybuilding before. The boy is only nine years old, and has been trained by his father since the age of two years old.

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Since the kick off of the Season, Montreal Impact sends 3 players on loan and signs 8 players. The new Major League Soccer (MLS) team of 2012 draw it a lot of advantages; first of the eastern conference, with 45 points, looking forward participate to the playoffs. Plus, they wined the Canadian championships in Vancouver in May, bring us in CONCACAF. Montreal never participates to the playoffs in MLS and since 2008 they don’t repeat the experience of winning the Canadian Championships.

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In the past few years, the proverb “without bees we die” has starting to be a reality.  The problem of bee diminution will have to be resolve in the near future. More than one-third of the honeybees die each year; sure they reproduce, but it stays a negative result. Scientifics are currently and for a long time ago, research about “Why does the honeybees die by millions, each years?” There’s no answer!  

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For all habs fan across the city of Montreal, it is not fall that announces the end of summer but the begging of a new season. Fans all across Montreal are anxious to see the first puck drop on October 1st against their rivals the Toronto Maple leafs. What do we expect from the habs this year? Are they into the playoff run or do they stand no chance? One thing for sure is that GM Marc Bergevin and head coach Micheal Therrien envision their team in the playoffs!

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  The Nepean Redskins team, an Ontario amateur football team have been accuse to use a custom of indigenous-theme, being “offensive, non-inclusive and dehumanizing”. Rewind; The National Football League (NFL) team, the Washington Redskins also have been reproach of using this team name, in the last few years. Personally, I think that history stay, but with the technology, media, and modern thinking, it’s their liberty to choose the team name, no matter what it is. However, those names have to contain no racism, sexuality, sexism or other illegal discrimination.

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Have you ever imagined a world where you don’t need to remember all the passwords you set on every device and/or websites? Remember all the times you tried different passwords and none of them worked?From now on, we can forget about all this trouble. The company Bionym will launch their first device, the Nymi.  

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Syria’s starting to be a real horror scene. We can believe it; childs killed, population intoxicated, guns, missiles, chemical weapons … To talk about it & move, the G20 regroup in Russia, on wednesday 4th.  

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In the last 10 years, everyone have at least heard one hundred times to recycling. Little to little, everyone had started to do it. Although lot of people still asking their self : “What difference does it make ? I’m just one person in 7 billion.” But if everyone say it, it sure that no one will recycle, in final.  

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This article caught my attention because the use of chemical weapon is a serious matter because it kills a lot of people. I’ll explain briefly how all this happened.  

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