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A film review of Even the Rain by Icíar Bollaín.

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It’s no secret that the ethical dilemma of homosexuality is an ever-growing topic of debate across the country. The movie “My Beautiful Laundrette” portrays this struggle between a Pakistani teen, Omar, and an English teen, Johnny, in London in the early 1980’s (Frears 1985). Johnny and Omar are old friends from High School who seem to have fully realized their attraction for each other. Because homosexuality was frowned upon in the English and Pakistani cultures at that time, they had to keep the nature of their close relationship.

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  It is known that China has been very strict concerning the amount of children that a Chinese woman can produce. This law is also known as the “One-Child Policy” and recently, it has been “loosened”. In fact, it has been stated in the BBC article named “China reforms: One-child policy to be relaxed “  that in  the future , couples wanting to have more than one child would be able to if one of them was an only child.

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            A random sample of college students was surveyed to determine the multiple definitions of hooking up among the students and how their definition is impacted by their behavior and their point of view on other college students who also “hook up.” Although there is an inconsistency of definitions between the college students  (e.g., Bogle, 2008; Holman & Sillars, 2012), the general definition of hooking up according to the researchers of the article, “What Is Hooking Up?

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College is not only a place for academics and student body activities, but drinking. It is starting to become a problem on college campuses.

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  In the article “Central America drug gang violence at ‘alarming level’ ” it reveals that Central America is stuck with a huge problem; drug. Since a couple a years, there is a significant increase in drug-related violence and in criminal activities.  Central America is now a transit land where drug dealers establish their gang to produce and sell drugs.  Why?

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Adolescence is an important stage in a person's life. The environment and people in a one’s adolescent life lead them to create their adult identity that they will have for the rest of their life. Adolescence includes large milestones such as the development of responsibility and social-cognitive development. Turning points are also a large part of the adolescent stage along with becoming more aware of their potential and life itself.

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“Cyberbullying” is something new that has just popped up in the news within the last 10 years. The latest technologies have influenced the start of cyberbullying, and people are now starting to wonder what is cyberbullying, how often does this happen, and what are schools/parents doing to take charge of this crime?

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In this article written by BBC news in August 2013, the harsh realities of Russia's new anti-gay laws are brought forward in a Q&A format. The article first describes how hard life as a gay Russian is, considering Russia is ranked as the worst country in Europe for gay people to live in, and that conservative communities of the two biggest faith groups, Orthodox Christians and Muslims, are openly hostile against gays.

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With the legalization of marijuana many short and long term effects follow. The content of THC in marijuana has risen drastically over a short time period and could possibly expand. As marijuana becomes more popular and the legalization of recreational and medical marijuana use expands what will happen to communities and societies as a whole?

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