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Specialists treating eating disorders may be biased against overweight people, according to a study made by Yale University.

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  We all heard of this term “Global Warming” and we are all aware of its meaning. We all know right now, under our very eyes, the planet earth is taking severe damage because of what we do in our daily lives. Unfortunately, we barely do anything to counter this world-wide problem. People says: “Of course we do care about the planet” and when I ask what car they have, they answer things like Mercedes or BMW.. and when I ask what they think about public transport (transit) they all say they barely or never use it !  

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Yesterday Apple launched their smartphones for this year: The iPhone 5C and the iPhone 5S.The iPhone 5S is basically what we get every year from Apple: an improved device, very similar to the last one, but a little more powerful and more expensive…. However, the iPhone 5C it’s a completely new concept for the high-standard Apple. This device is conceived as a “cheap” version of the iPhone. His characteristics are almost identical to the iPhone 5, but the real invention is the case. The iPhone 5C is dotted with a colorful case (available in different colors) made from plastic!

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Unfortunately, murders happen every day. People kill, by intention, by hate or by accident, but it happens, and happens a lot. However, it is tremendously heartbreaking to read that a six year old boy was killed by another child.

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First of all, you should read the letter I attached. This letter, sent by a “pissed off mother” is one of the most awful, insensitive, irrational, ignorant and hateful letters I have ever read. I thought our society was conscious, a society where we have freedom and we will not be judged despite our gender, color, race or disability.

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Newspapers, TV News, blogs, Facebook, Twitter are all talking about these tragic incidents in Syria. Some are posting videos, other articles about the horrible and undeniable fact that the population have been intoxicated by chemical gases. But, first of all, are we really sure that it was an attack? And if yes, than, why?

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  It is very obvious that Facebook is not the better place to political activism or to hide top secrets from the government. But just because something is easy to get, it is right to get it? Canadian government has been a very conservative state regarding the privacy of its citizens, but it is slowly changing. It is relatively easy take advantage from such a popular social network as Facebook to find undesired people’s information. Google, Microsoft, Yahoo! There are so many possible sources from the government.

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Nowadays, sports are the most watch events on earth. It could be on TV or on Radio but the fact remains: Sport is one of the biggest influence mankind has. But does sport influence our society? Furthermore, how does it affect young children?   This Article is a great way to put ourselves in the situation of elite athletes. Some examples even describe how ¨fun¨ can even be a superficial factor in some athlete’s life. Race is another topic aborded in this article by the author, explaining how race is in evolution in any kind of modern sports.

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Where is the virginal Disney figure that we knew as Miley Cyrus? Well, after her VMA performance, we know she’s already buried in Disney history to become another Britney or Lindsay. BUT, Miley’s 20 years old, can we actually blame her for what she did? She’s not the first, and definitely she won’t be the last one to sexualize herself, to try to shock the society in a very controversial way. Miley’s carrier started when she was only nine. She needed advice and protection then, but there weren’t enough adults around to be a model for her.

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