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Euthanasia still causes great debate in today’s society. Euthanasia occurs when a patient intentionally wants to end their life because they are suffering, ill or have a chronic disease that they can no longer stand living with. As of 2015, Canada has ruled in favor of doctor-assisted suicide for certain cases. In earlier years, patients had only one option; to continue living. Now, patients are indirectly asked if they wish to live or die.

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Mice were placed in a scenario that caused them to show symptoms similar to those found in people suffering from depression. When they were placed under this social stress, SIRT1 protein levels rose in a part of the brain called the NAc (nucleus accumbens).

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A subject on the rise in the last few years and the cause of many debates is the question of whether or not meat is good for you. Reader's Digest's expert Chris Woolston wrote an article on the matter and gathered some factual information from different reports and studies in order to bring some clarity on the topic.

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Along with the progressive forces of feminism, people are more aware about the sexist problem and become rational to the equality of men and women, but even the issue of feminism has been out for over 100 years, a part of men still don’t have a clear understanding about what feminism is and still have a negative attitude about feminist, thinking they are all irrational men hater who wants to take away what men have.

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