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This article, written by Stuart Heritage for the Guardian, covers the minor fisticuffs that broke out between Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom at a restaurant in Spain. Bieber, who is rumored to have been close to Miranda Kerr when she was still married to Bloom, seemed to incite the scuffle by yelling “What’s up, bitch”. Bloom quickly responded to the provocation by throwing a punch at Bieber. The latter ducked it, fled the restaurant and posted on Instagram pictures of Miranda wearing a bikini and Bloom crying shortly after the fight.

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The issue of missing, murdered, and heavily abused Native American women have been a problem in Canada and the United Sates for some time now, and each country/state/province seems to take a different approach on how to deal with the situation, and how to report it.

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     In this advertisement, a young man in casual clothes is laying confidently on a sofa at home and staring with satisfaction and pride at a wall-sized aquarium where women in bikinis, portrayed as shameless gold diggers, are swimming around and trying to get his attention. The camera angle used in this commercial focuses on the brown leather shoes that the man wears and makes them appear extremely giant compared to other elements in the room.

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The role of women in the workforce

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