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In 1977, Rita and Doug Swan, both Christian Scientists, did not believe in modern medicine, thinking that having “faith in God” was the only necessary “medical treatment”. According to them, being ill was an illusion, so instead of bringing Matthew, their sixteen months old baby who suffered from severe fevers, to the hospital, they paid a Christian Science practitioner to do some prayers for their baby. The practitioner told the parents that the fevers were caused by fear, and that the baby would recover with the prayers.

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On August 23 2016, the Daily Mail as well as many other papers published a series of pictures of Police officers talking to a veiled women on a beach in Nice. On the first picture, we can see a  police officers crunched down appearing to write a note.The other pictures show the same women removing parts of her clothes. These pictures have taken social media by storm forcing many to share their opinion via Social Media.

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  Stanford rape case   Article: “Was The Stanford Rapist Actually A Rapist?”

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  The article called “Female Feticide in India” written by Ahmad Nehaluddin obtained from the ProQuest database talks about certain countries aborting babies depending on the baby’s gender. This article takes place in India and it is common that mothers kills their babies because the baby is a female.    For female feticide:

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