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Behavior is strongly influenced by the psychological factor of perception. Tying that into the food industry, more specifically animal industry, perceptions of meat varies- specifically between two different contexts: “everyday context” (relating to buying, preparing and eating) and the “production context” (relating to primary production, slaughtering and meat processing). Consumer perceptions are not set in stone and may change, however, how and in what direction consumer perceptions alter is difficult to foresee because of the amount of complexity that drives the change. 

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Dairy farms handle approximately 15 gallons of manure per cow per day.  A large animal feeding operation (AFO) can easily house over 1,000 cows per farm. Scale that up to the 450,000 varying animal feeding operations in the United States, and we have a major problem: animal waste.

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Many overlook the detrimental environmental effects their diets pose on the surrounding environment each and every day. Although one may strongly advocate for sustainability through recycling, composting, or simply producing less, many often forget the very threats their dietary practices may cause. 

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