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The world may seem flawless on hot sunny days spent at the beach, however, whether it’s hard to believe or not, there is an abundance of issues that are occurring in this very moment. One of these serious problems is unemployment. Unemployment is the phenomenon of an individual who is currently out of work. For those who are unemployed, experiencing this crisis may cause them numerous personal problems. Unemployment can also damage a society.

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Fake news are all over the place. EVeryone is talking about it, even the president of the United-States: Donald Trump. The awareness of fake news has raised, but it is hard to find the truth. " How can we find the truth? How can we learn to differ fake news from the real ones? ". Nowadays, everyone can write a post on Internet and call themselves a journalist. It is now hard to define what a journalist really is. "Is a journalist someone who works for a newspaper company? Or is it just someone that reports something on social medials?".

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The news website The Daily Beast published a fake news article on the mosque shooting in Quebec City, they stated that “Police said two suspects were in custody after the attack. They were identified as white supremacists ‘David M. J. Aurine’ and ‘Mathieu Fornier,’ according to Reuters. This is not the first time the mosque has suffered from a hate crime.

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This will be a summary of The Globe and Mail's article "Trump’s refugee scare-mongering has no basis in reality" by Bill Frelick, published on January 27, 2017.

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