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Due to recent economic downfall in regards to Canada’s mild recession, companies are beginning to feel the heat of investing so much money into Alberta’s oil sands. The price of gas has fallen dramatically over the past year and the oil sand companies have begun to push back project start dates and goals. When a company invests in the oil sands, it is based on a 40-year time frame and, therefore, the companies have to wait out the low times such as this in order to benefit in the future.

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Scientists are sending out a plea for the oceans. The global climate change that humans have been contributing to has started the threat of mass extinction in the oceans. Heating of the oceans causes the acidity to rise which in turn forces ocean wildlife to either migrate to new areas or to try to adapt to the change in environment. 40% of coral reefs have died due to human action and climate change. Massive bottom trawlers scrape away the seabed, tearing apart coral reefs and upturning tons of debris. Today, over 460000 m2 is used for oil mining in the deep ocean.

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