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Do you want to marry in the future? Are you interested in Marriage? These days, unmarried young people increase more and more. There are some reasons for that. Especially, this problem is getting serious in Japan. Now, there is less social pressure to marry than before, and more people are choosing to stay single of their own will. How do we solve this problem? What are good ways to let them marry?  Then, I will take about late marriage in Japan.

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Do you think computers are useful for our lives? Of course, most people say yes. These days, our lives are surrounded by many electrical devices, and many workplaces adopt machines to work efficiently. Even now, more and more new machines are invented. These machines help our lives by development of technics. Development of electrical machines makes our life useful. Today’s children cannot think their lives without electrical machines. Such as smartphones, TV, personal computers. Vigor of computers do not stop. Now, some people say that computer should replace a teacher.

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I was planning on volunteering for an organization called “The Dish Project” from Concordia University in Montreal. The dish project works under the Sustainable Concordia. And they have been operating since 2004. Their goal is “focus(ing)es on reducing waste in and around Concordia University, as well as exploring, understanding, and educating our community with regard to waste justice issues and waste reduction.

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Are you interested in volleyball? Many people have played it when they were students, so volleyball is a famous sport in the world. Do you know Saori Kimura? She is a famous volleyball player in Japan. She is cute and a super player, so she is very popular. The reason why I chose her as a cool Japanese is that she never gives up and smiles whenever she had a hard time. In addition, she is captain of the Japan national volleyball team. Do you want to know about her more? Then, I will introduce her character , success and playstyle.

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There are many cool people in Japan. Most of them may be said to be from the entertainment industry. For example, I am sure that people who are familiar with Japan, would definitely have heard of Takuya Kimura, otherwise known as KimuTaku, or the girl idol group called AKB48. Truthfully, I am not much of a fan of such famous celebrities. However, I am a fan of a Japanese writer called Tomihiko Morimi, I definitely think that he is worth mentioning and sharing about. For one, his novels are extremely entertaining, with plenty of adventures to go around for all readers.

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Japan has 47 prefectures and these prefectures have different attractions to visit. Above all, I recommend visiting Kumamoto prefecture now, because the big earth quake have hit there and they received a lot of damages. Now, there, many people are changing the style of their cities and fixing their buildings, so we can see the new styles and feel their passions. Therefore, I will write about the introductions about Kumamoto city.

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Hokkaido has a lot of attractions. It is the biggest in Japan. In addition, it occupies22% of Japan and was divided into 14 part. The area of Hokkaido is about 80,000. Hokkaido is located in the northernmost of Japan, and the island was surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, the Sea of Japan and the Sea of Okhotsk. Population of Hokkaido is about 5,600,000. I will introduce about a configuration and industry, sightseeing spot and popular winter sport in Hokkaido with my reasons that I would like to go there.

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While many tourists know all about Kyoto, Tokyo, Osaka, and Hokkaido, not many people know about the prefectures at the bottom of Japan. No, it is not Okinawa. In fact, the smallest prefecture in Japan is near the bottom of Japan, in an area called Shikoku. This particular prefecture is called Kagawa. I personally have not been to Kagawa, nor passed through it before. However, there are many unique places and things to enjoy there. I will be introducing Kagawa’s signature dish, Sanuki Udon, Ritsurin Koen, Megijima Island, and a shopping arcade in Takamatsu city.  

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