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Racism is a concept that most people are not aware of or chooses to ignore. We often think that racism is over and that our era is a more educated era, which does not discriminate an individual because of his/her characteristics. The reality I learned in my anthropology class is that our racism is a much more “implicit” racism, also known as “new racism”.   

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Over the last century, many women's rights came real under the activism of feminism. We can now vote, work, not being obligated to marry and have children. Having children is a dream for many people. But there are people who see it as a nightmare, men and women. For a man saying he doesn't want to be a father, it will be easier to escape people's judgements.  A woman who rejects motherhood will get a bad time in this society who sees family as an achievement, something you have to do because someone gave birth to you. I always knew children wasn't my forte.

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