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Hi, as a former student I might not have any relevance in the context of this website anymore. However if any teachers are interested I stumbled upon this interesting project. Since it's a newsactivism class I believe that this setup is more user friendly, simple to apply and  most importantly interesting to read.    Hope you can make something out of this,   Sergey  

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Many American citizens lack to realize that homelessness is not a choice and that many people believe that they are homeless for their own reasons. The research performed by Chamberlain and Johnson solves this issue by comparing substance abuse and homelessness. During their research they were able to determine which come’s first homelessness or substance abuse.

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Ask any average student what is essential for his or hers survival during exam season and its most likely the first answer will be coffee. A great number of students, myself including, go to Starbucks in the evening to get a soothing atmosphere and fuel to prevent us from falling asleep in our notes.

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What do you think of when you hear “cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, cancer, and gastrointestinal issues”? If your immediate thought is not anorexia nervosa you are not alone. This disorder is much more serious than most people know and a lack of education on this topic is affecting thousands of people every day.

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In my article summary I describe the dangers of drinking alcohol in college environments and then hooking up with unfamiliar people. This danger that many people in college can relate can have many negative outcomes.

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“Impossible!” would shout the average person who has attended an eastern European wedding. Alcohol is so intertwined with the cultural traditions of Slavs that a dry wedding would be hard to imagine but not for Priest Włdysław Zązel who is the leading figure of the movement “Wedding of the Weddings”.

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College Presidents are pushing for lowering the drinking age to 18. Is it a good idea or a terrible idea?

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Have you ever stopped and wondered about those homeless people that you see on the side of the road with signs, or maybe picking through garbage? They all have a reason for how they got there. This article shows the correlations between substance abuse and homelessness. It also shows how these both are affected by income, human capital, mental health, and social support.

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A Dark Side Uncovered The research article by J.K. Rodriguez, Joining the Dark Side: Women in Management in the Dominican Republic, is significant because of the social facts has influenced past years and still continues. This influence does not consist of good factors shaping the social structure, institutions, and interactions. The research topic of women in management was imperative for three reasons because 1) the issue of men vs. women in the workplace, 2) the women’s lives gives the theory that there is need for economic development, and 3) research usually focus on white women’s experiences. The analysis of information created was through constructivist approach to address the purpose. The discourse analysis is an appropriate method for this research topic because it does not apply categories. Women in management confronted struggles related with assumptions and expectations of men and other women, on the subject of identities and roles. Women in management did not meet the other women and men expectations. Therefore, these women were considered a contradiction according to the others and this has led to oppression against them. The research article emphasized three relevant parts, which are the constant issue of women in management, the lives of these working women in developing countries, and the relation of gender with diversity to recognize the status of women. The gendered assumptions enforced limitations to the ability for women to move in management. There was operating assumption of sisterhood that had women side with the other women. There were implications of understanding the women in management but they were wrong. The division of labor, salaries, advancement, and career opportunities connected to assumptions about the women’s role in their family, marriage, and motherhood. Due to culture there was the assumption reinforcing the belief of females being inferior. This assumption was the women’s way of life to only be focused on domestication. This is the reason why men are considered normal in the career field and women are not. When women in management do their job in the appropriate manner but then considered an open target to name calling from individuals, such as the men and other women. I have experienced with the elderly always trying to emphasize this way of life. Personally, our society has evolved from negative behavior and attitudes displayed toward women.   Work cited Rodriguez, J. K. (2013). Joining the dark side: women in management in the Dominican Republic. Gender, Work & Organization, 20(1), 1-19. doi:10.1111/j.1468-0432.2010.00541.x

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Everyone knows that homelessness is a problem in urban areas of the United States.  There is often studies done on the rate of homelessness and how they survive but a new study has brought a new side to problems of homeless veterans.  No one has ever really studied the dangers and side effects of living homeless on the psyche of veterans.  The study in this article was carried out through the VA Homeless Operations Management and Evaluation System (HOMES) which is an online program that keeps track of homeless veterans along with the tracking of non-veteran homeless people.   The results sh

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Volunteering is a great opportunity to get out of your comfort zone and to interact with the world while being part of something bigger than yourself. I have been doing volunteer work for quite a few years now and would like to present a few of them. That said the first two will relate to my previous post “Russian Water: Death Guaranteed” which was about problems related to alcohol. The other two are for sports fans and human rights fighters.

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In this year, the valentine’s day is the same day of a Chinese traditional festival (Yuan Xiao festival), and people in China using fireworks to celebrating that festival, this kinds of activity brings China back to “Airpocalypse” again. The word “Airpocalypse” used in two articles which discussed the same pollution issue of China but in different directions.

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Earlier this month, I posted an article about Jean-Sebastien Chouinard who advocates against the consumption of alcohol especially that of underage teens. The dangers of heavy alcohol consumption are real and there is no better example than the new social hit of the Neknomination.

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Since the death of 46 year old actor Philip Seymour Hoffman, the cause of death was suspected to be murder related. Four individuals were arrested, while searching for whomever sold the drugs to Hoffman, Wednesday the fifth of February on charges of possession and distribution of controlled substances. Among the drugs there were more than 350 bags of heroin that were seized.

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Drugs and alcohol are common addictions that have been social issues one way or the other for several years.

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I have a tendency to read news articles related to politics but this one caught my eye just as much. The company Mikuni Wild Harvest is known to sell exotic quality food to high quality restaurants around the world. It has made a profit of more than 10 million dollars last year in truffles, sustainable fish and so on but is now reaching out to the common man to sell some of its products.

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Lately I have been examining the conflict in Ukraine trying to understand what may have lead for the decision or the motivations behind different characters. By analysing the individuals I came to see a striking similarity to the conflict in the middle commonly referred to as "the Arab spring".

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Opposition party leader Arseniy Yatsenyuk believes that his country is facing one of its greatest conflicts to date. In Ukraine protests have spread beyond Kiev and up to a dozen towns all around the country. Death continues to escalate, like that of young Mikhail Zhiznevsky who, it is suspected, was killed by the police on Wednesday. The result breeds anger and resolve in the protesters hearts.

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It's been a week now that the peaceful protests in Kiev, Ukraine have turned bloody red in response to the new "anti-protest" laws initiated by president Viktor Yanukovych. A light of hope, to end the bloodshed, has been proposed on wednesday by the leaders of the oposition as they threw an ultimatum to Yanukovych.

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