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Do Video Games influences the male’s behavior?

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In the article “Girl Told She Shouldn't Dress As Elsa 'Because She's Black' Receives Outpouring Of Support” (Huffington post, 06/23/2015) by Julianna McDermott, the author informs us of an incident against an Australian Aboriginal girl who was the victim of racial discrimination at a Melbourne shopping centre. A three year-old girl named Samara was looking to dress up as Elsa from "Frozen." So her mother took her to a Disney-themed event at the Watergardens Town Centre in Melbourne.

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            In the news article, “‘No natives please’: Kijiji pulls apartment ad for Prince Albert, Sask. after complaint,” written and published by CBC News on August 25, 2015, it is reported that an ad for a three-bedroom house, which was posted on Kijiji, has recently been removed been removed from the website due to its racially offensive title that stated that aboriginal people could not rent the house. CBC News goes on to explain that the ad itself is a violation of Saskatchewan’s human rights code since it acts as a form of discrimination against a particular group of people.

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In her article ‘Calling Idris Elba ‘Too street’ is racist, just not for the reason you think’, published in The Huffington Post, September 1st, Zeba Blay argues that the comment made by the author of James Bond weren’t racist because of the term used but rather because of the writer’s one-dimensional view of black actors. The author states that Anthony Horowitz’s comments relates to the singular relationship that the UK has with social classes. Horowtiz named a black actor that could play Bond, a posh with a middle class accent.

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