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Over the course of this semester, I have written, commented, and submitted a collection of posts to Newsactivist. In this project, our final Newsactivism post, I will reflect on my news summaries, my volunteering opportunity, and the overall connection between all the work I have completed during this semester.    

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I care about the topic of drug-free treatment for mental illness because I strongly believe that it should be encouraged around the world. I’ve seen people in my life that are close to me suffer from mental disorders and the horrible side effects they had to go through while taking pharmaceuticals and visiting doctors every week. I care about it even more than I did before because I know a lot more about it now. In order to get my results, I read and analyzed specific chapters from 3 different novels that I found the most relevant to my topic.

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Foster care children are more likely to get mental illnesses, mental diseases and behavioral problems. This is no longer an interrogation but an actual fact. The children’s age when they are placed into foster care does affect them, either positively or negatively, as in one case the chances of mental sequels are increased, and in the other decreased. The results show that a child remaining too long in an abusive home with the biological parents has more chances of having behavioral problems, mental illnesses or mental diseases.

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I read a post titled “Heart Problems Affected by Depression” by Kindsey on After reading the post I found myself on the National Alliance on Mental Illness home page (2014). While reading the website I found that they, and many other organizations, categorize depression as a mental illness. Depression is not always a mental illness; it can be caused by social factors too, and I believe that should be recognized.

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There are lots of places that offer help in various ways to individuals but the struggle is helping them overcome the social stigma they encounter.  I don’t believe that everyone who ends up in jail has a mental health disorder but what I do believe is that a lot of people end up there because they have an undiagnosed medical condition.  People are not discussing their issues because they don’t want to be diagnosed and stigmatized into the mental illness group.

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I read in the book How to Change the World by David Bornstein (published August 8th, 2007) the chapter 13 named The Talent is Out There. I chose this section of the book because it talks about teens from lower income houses and their chances of going to college; these chances usually influenced by how over the average bright they are. To J.B Schramm’s dismay, director of the “Flyers Tutoring Program”, some kids who might not have extraordinary GPAs are still very bright and have as much chances of getting into college as any other person, they just need a nudge in the right direction.

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The vast majority of high school students graduating and attending college to earn a bachelor’s degree has increased considerably in the last 10 years. Though this might sound like a good thing, major companies have also been expanded their qualifications, making it harder for undergraduates to obtain a job because they don’t have a much higher level of education...

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In the article “Childhood depression may increase risk of heart disease by teen years” by the University of South Florida (USF Health), a recent study done by Jonathan Rottenberg, Professor of Psychology, shows that children with depression are more likely to have heart diseases early on. The Science Daily articles states that it was an already known fact that depression is linked with heart problems for adults.

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In the article "Childhood Depression: Behind the Story", published January 4th, 2011 in Psychology Today, Sarah E. Ludwig states that 1 out of 20 children and adolescent will be depressed and that most parents feel alone in this situation since there is still much stigma around depression.

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                I have decided to do my term paper on depression in children. I think that if there is a way to stop depression, it will begin by curing children from this mental illness because almost everyone suffering from depression as an adult will have had depression as a child. I have been looking into depression since the beginning of the semester when I read an article about Ian Thorpe possibly suffering from this mental illness.

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In the Academic Journal Canadian Journal of Community Mental Health, Shan Jin, Nazeem Muharjarine, Jennifer Cushon and Hyun J. Lim wrote an article on March 1, 2013 named “Factors Associated with Childhood Depression in Saskatoon Students: A Multilevel Analysis”. They chose to investigate the whys behind childhood depression because most adults nowadays affected by depression have most likely suffered from mild to high level depression as children.

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The main purpose of President Obama’s speech was to discuss Immigration Reform. The audience consisted of business leaders, faith leaders, labor leaders, and law enforcement leaders, Democratic and Republican mayors. There were multiple people from each business sector mentioned.

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Tracie Shea graduated from the Catholic University in 1981 with a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in psychology (VA). She worked for the National Institute of Mental Health as “chief of the Personality Disorders Program and Associate Coordinator of the NIMH (National Institute of Mental Health) Treatment of Depression Collaborative Research Program” (VA). Today, she teaches at Brown University in the Department of Psychiatry and Human Behavior where she is director of the Clinical Assessment and Training Unit.

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This article explores the exciting possibility of using exercise to assist in the treatment of patients with Major Depression Disorder (MDD) as well as other depression disorders. By performing this study treatment for people diagnosed with MDD whom are resistant to pharmacology treatments could finally receive benefits and advancements in their progress through the complex condition of MDD.

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L’ARCHE, I will be focusing on the one from the Montreal area, cares for people affected by mental deficiencies. They try to show both the public and their members that what makes you vulnerable and fragile can also make you stronger. The “flaws” that make some people hard to accept us, can also help you shine. L’ARCHE does not hold any particular projects else than a yearly fundraiser, the “Soirée Vins et Fromages, to enable multiple activities and outings for their residents since they are a non-profit organisation and constantly need funds to keep the homes running.

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The Douglas Mental Health University Institute has as a goal to improve the patients’ life at the Institute and to help them get better. Their main focus is on promoting the rehabilitation of the patients into society. There is three possibilities when it comes to volunteering here varying between a 4 to 6 month periods. The first choice is the hospital-based service. Here you can either work with children and adolescents or adults and seniors.

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The Alzheimer Society of Montreal wants everyone to realize that “Beyond the disease there is the person”. Their goal is to help out people suffering from Alzheimer and their families by easing the consequences related to this mental illness. Moreover, they constantly promote studies to find out the source of Alzheimer and discover a cure.

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Revivre’s goal, according to their website, is to appease the pain that people with anxious, depressive or bipolar troubles as well as help their close ones. At the moment they have multiple activities taking place. One of their most important activities is a fundraiser that takes place every year named “Donner le goût de Revivre”. Everyone pays a ticket to attend a supper with a music show and an auction. For the auction, you can pay to dine with some famous Quebecers or for priceless wine bottles.

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Find a cause and cure to autism is a worldwide issue that people have been trying to do for years. Will researchers find a cause or cure? Society many never know.

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   The use of anti-depressant is increasing exponentially as is the number of people whom are diagnosed with depression. Of course the correlation between both is absolutely normal. However, more than a few people are being misdiagnosed for depression.

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Alexia Codrington                                                                                 February 16th, 2014                                 Negative Influence of Media on Body Esteem

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Recently, Triggs produced an article “An Anorexia Victim Fights Back”, portraying how ineffective and uninformed insurance companies are with treatment for mental disorders and even more importantly, anorexia. Anorexia, a mental illness that has the highest mortality rate out of any in its class- yet only fourteen states are legally mandated to cover its carriers for hospitalization and other various treatments.

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Original article:

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Most of you probably saw Clara Hughes either on the Bell commercials or in the Summer and Winter Olympics. This national athlete is using her fame to entice people to donate for research on mental illnesses.

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Early morning, February 3rd, Ian Thorpe, the Australian Olympic swimmer, was found trying to break into a van. In the article “Olympic champion Ian Thorpe in rehab after being detained by police” by The Associated Press (published February 3rd, 2014), it is learnt that this famous swimmer was under the influence of antidepressants and painkillers. This led him to be disoriented enough to believe that he was trying to get into his friend’s van.

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In the article written by Denise Lavoie "US Prosecutors Say They Will Seek Death Penalty Against Boston Marathon Bombing Suspect" (published January 30th), it is revealed that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev the suspected responsible for the Boston Marathon bombing will be trialed for the death sentence.

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In the article of Paul C Mclean, Should a death row inmate be allowed to donate his organs?,, he talks about an inmate that raped and murdered a child, which is why he was sentenced to death and is currently on death row. While Phillips is on death row, he's contemplating the idea of donating some of his organs to his mother and his sister. His sister is in need of a heart and his mother, a kidney.

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In the article published on January 27th, "Russian Activist Alexei Navalny Publishes Data pointing to Corruption at Sochi Olympics" by Nataliya Vasilyeva, it is unveiled that even though Winter Olympics hosts less athletes than the summer ones, the 2014 Winter Olympics are proving to be the most costly Games of all time, about $51 billion worth. More than the double of the money actually needed was spent on building 10 of the venues.

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For a couple a months, there have been rumours about ending the door-to-door mailing system. These rumours were validated before the holidays begun. The goal: abolish the postal system consisting of getting all of your mail at your front door and replacing it by community mailboxes and upping the price of stamps by more than sixty cents. This planned to be in effect in five years from today.

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Free wireless Wi-Fi networks are almost everywhere nowadays. It would appear banal to connect to a free and public network with a decent name, but it can bounce to something much less legitimate. These fake "hotspot" are frequent and will often prompt those who connect by requiring them to enter their username and password on an interface designed to replicate popular websites like Facebook. Obviously this interface does not log into the said website, but rather sends the credentials to the host for malicious usage.

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On Thursday morning, January 23rd, tragedy struck the Quebec province. A seniors’ residence in L’Isle-Verte was ravaged by flames making three victims and about thirty unaccounted for. While the search for the bodies goes on in the freezing temperatures, the article "L’Isle-Verte seniors’ residence had fire-code violations flagged in 2011" by Aaron Derfel focuses on the reasons why the fire made so many deaths.

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Animal mistreatment is somewhat of a subjective topic as situations that justify putting a human's well-being before that of an animal remain unclear and vary from person to person.  When it comes to puppy mills, the cruelty endured by the animals has the sole purpose of reducing the owner's expenses. Is this enough to justify the cruel way we are treating the animals found in these mills? In the articles "Curbing the Puppy Trade",  "Animals, Ethics and Public Policy" and "No pups for sale?

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