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In the article “His Name Is Cayden: Online Racists Taunt 3-Year-Old, Get Shut Down” by Ed Mazza for the Huffington Post, the author describes an event wherein a man named Gerard Roth posted a picture of himself and a young boy (named Cayden) onto Facebook in May of 2015. Being that Roth is white and Cayden is black, and since Cayden was looking a bit sheepish in the photograph, the post received several ‘jokingly’ racist comments, including references to slavery. The author then explains the shock of both Roth and the child’s mother, Sydney Jade, at the racist comments.

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      In the article “14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed arrested for beginning homemade clock to school.” Rich McCormick explores the incident that occurred in Irving, Texas on the 14th of September, 2015. Ahmed Mohamed had been arrested at his school due to his teacher confiscating a homemade clock that he had made the day before. The author explains the device was simple, made from circuit board, a power supply wired to a digital display inside of a casing with a digital screen on the front. Although when he showed his clock to his teacher, she confiscated it from him.

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           Victoria’s Secret’s “The Perfect Body” advertisement received great disapproval because many think labeling one single body type as perfect is wrong and harmful. This is a partial reason to why this picture is problematic but this campaign also has other deep repercussions in this society such as diminishing the female voice and creating a hostile environment for women in a position of power.  

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In the article titled “Miley Cyrus Accused Of Cultural Appropriation For Wearing Dreadlocks To The 2015 MTV VMAs” (Huffington Post Canada, September 31 2015), Madelyn Chung points out Miley Cyrus’s choice of coiffure for the VMAs awards show. The author describes that Cyrus’s hair was styled in long, blond dreadlocks extensions for the event and viewers expressed on social media that locks are perceived as a black cultural trait in black history. Madelyn Chung writes that the pop star did not choose the appropriate timing to sport this “fashionable” item.

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In the article entitled "Giuliana Rancic Forced to Apologize for 'Racist' Oscar Red Carpet Comment About Teen Star Zendaya's Dreadlocks - After Saying They 'Must Smell Like Weed and Oil'" (Mail Online, February 25 2015),  Shyam Dodge explains how Zendaya, a former Disney star, was harshly criticized at the Oscars 2015 because of her wearing of dreadlocks. The one featured in the article is a comment made by Giuliana Rancic, a co-host on the popular show Fashion Police.

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