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Am I my aesthetic? Not entirely. Before going to CEGEP, I went to a school where it was required to wear a uniform. While this did make things easier in the morning since you didn’t need to pick out your own clothing, I started to find myself feeling quite bland. Don’t get me wrong, the uniforms didn’t look bad or anything; it’s just that looking the same everyday, excluding weekends of course, for 5 years wasn’t the most exciting thing. Hair dye was also prohibited to some extent so I was stuck with my almost burnt looking dark brown hair.

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1) Identify 3 television shows to explain how men/dads/husbands have been depicted since the early days of TV (1950-2000) 1. Father Knows Best 2. Leave it to Beaver 3. The Andy Griffith Show   2) What was unique about the Archie character in All In The Family?

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