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About me:

My name is Keiichi Mishima.
My hometown is Hiroshima.
Hiroshima is very famous place in Japan.
My height is 176 centimeters and weight is 60 kilograms.
My hobby is singing,listening music and watching baseball game.
I like major league and I'm fun of TEXAS RANGERS.
I have many dreams,and I'm not decide it yet.
One of my dreams is junior high school english teacher.


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The Fukushima’s Situation 5142045 Keiichi      Four years ago, a huge earthquake happened. An almost all of the prefecture where locate in east part of Japan was suffered from the huge earthquake. In addition, the earthquake made a huge tsunami a number of times. How much damage were made by them? And why does the place and people were damaged by the earthquake and tsunami are living strongly?  

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I like this article because this article is interesting. I didn’t know the Fame Ballot’s system before reading the article, but now, I can understand the system. This article explain about this year’s Fame Ballot. It is prize the retired great players by voting. It is very difficult because the player elected it is only few people once year, sometimes none. In addition, recent Major League has Biogenesis problem.   Reference

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Japanese music   [final paper]               Today, I will tell you about Japanese music. I really like listen to music, but it is only Japanese music. I think many people listen to music on the way to their companies or schools, so I am concerned about the song is loved by many people. Then, I want to introduce about three songs.

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 Japan is one of the most fashionable country all over the world. Japan has many type of fashion. For example, Harajuku fashion, cosplay, and so on. In here recently, a lot of foreign people wear the Japanese fashion. Why the foreign people likes and applause Japanese fashion?

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I think that this article is very interesting because if the modern Atlantis spiral completed, it makes a possibility what solve of resources problem. This article write about modern Atlantic spiral. It is a base of collecting resources in the water. In addition, it has mean of test what possibility of people live under the water in the future.  

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I like this article because I was very exited the game what Japan all star team against Major Leaguers. The game’s starting pitchers are Shohei Otani and Matt Shoemaker both teams. They are very young but they has big potential, I think that they will be top player of the world few years later. This article explain about the baseball game between Japan and America. Many young talent play an active part in the game. It has good effect each other.

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I like this article because I like baseball and I know him. Baltimore Orioles is good team because they has very good balance. But he grow up this team more strong team. This article explain about Buck Showalter. He is manager of the Major league. His team overcome many difficult and became a American League Champion.

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Halloween and Obon 039 Miki Nakamoto   I will introduce about the differences and similarities between Obon and Halloween. I will also tell you about which one I like, and I will write my conclusion.  

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This story about the national basketball assosiations oweners story,it is very important in the NBA.and sarary informations.but they have a lot of  plobrems,so they can’t make up more team.I liked this article story because I liked the national basketball assosiation.My favorite team is Bulls and boston celticks.but I didn’t like managiment is very difficult for me.

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I like this article because I like him and I respect him. I played baseball during 7 years, I consult his batting form. So my batting form likes him. This article write about Norichika Aoki, he is Japanese baseball player in Major League. This season, Aoki’s team advance post season. It is write about Aoki’s success in it.

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I like this story because Itsukushima Shrine is my favorite place in my hometown. I visited this place since my childhood. So this place is prized a lot of foreigners. It is very good place! This article explain about Itsukushima Shrine what Japanese traditional Shrine. This article says that “one of Japan’s three most celebrated scenic landscapes.” It has a lot of charm.  

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Recently, a lot of people go to trip using “Shinkansen”. So, I introduce about Japanese Shinkansen view point of one general information and three specific information. The general information is “Feature of Shinkansen” and it is consist on three specific information. The three specific information are “how useful Shinkansen”, “a kind of Shinkansen of Japan” and “a future problem of Shinkansen”.

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I introduce about three my department friend’s summer vacation activity. The friends spent very good summer vacation around the place.

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I will write about population in Japan. Japan is a declining number of children. It means the adult don’t get marry. They only working and don’t have partner, so they don’t have children. That’s why Japanese children are declining. In addition Japanese medical treatment is growing up. It is rank high in the world estimation. Japanese elder people can treat. That’s why Japanese life is long. The average life expectancy of women in Japan is eighty years. I think these two problems have an effect on Japanese population. I think a dwindling birthrate and aging don’t have good points.

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Hunger people On this planet, we are suffering without being able to be one person get food to about seven. Hunger problem is a big problem for us to work with the highest priority. When is one of the seven billion people "I" begins, the circle of love is spread, I love to change the world before long. From Japan Food for the Hungry International Organization. I would like to separate four points to write the sentences, therefore I want to be clearly my thoughts.

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I just quote the mining of Omi-Shonin from Wikipedia. It said that E-shu merchant (Omi Shonin, Omi merchants) or Omi merchants (Australia saint), negotiations and, (I Gosho), merchant of Omi country, Shiga Prefecture, which was active between (before World War II in particular) Showa era from the Kamakura period mainly. It is one of Japan’s three major merchants, along with Osaka merchant Ise merchant. Sometimes popularly referred to as Omi merchant entrepreneurs Shiga Prefecture today.

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Do you know “Omi Merchants”. It was famous merchant in Shiga before war. Their activity is trade where in outside of Omi. Omi Merchants are respects the religion. They made some Moral discipline and Action philosophy. So it is from generation to generation I was told as family precepts each merchant each. Some systems what made by them, change the shape with the times, still there now. Their thought and action philosophy is “Sanpo Yoshi”. “Sanpo Yoshi” has three means.

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Kenichiro Sasae is the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to the US. His birthday is September 25. Kenichiro Sasae’s age is 62th. He graduated from Tokyo University in 1974. He is working in the USA. He had been at the post for two years. His hometown is Kurashiki city, Okayama. He graduated from Tokyo University in 1974. After entered Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, he received English training.

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Varsity tennis players Daniel Liu and Calvin Yu decided to offer free tennis lessons to people of the Tongan community in Salt Lake City. After a recent study showed that the Tongan community had one of the highest obesity levels in the state of Utah, Daniel and Calvin decided to give back to their community by offering free lessons to people who were intimidated by going to the gym because of their appearance.

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My name is Keiichi Mishima.
My hometown is Hiroshima.
Hiroshima is very famous place in Japan.
My height is 176 centimeters and weight is 60 kilograms.
My hobby is singing,listening music and watching baseball game.