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            Species loss has always been a part of the natural cycle on Earth, but in recent years, human activity has sped up the process. In an article written by Drew Monkman, it is emphasized that action needs to take place to control the issue of declining biodiversity. In Ontario specifically, there has been a significant decline in populations of snakes, turtles, and freshwater mussels, as well as any animals which rely on these species as a food source. Approximately 30% of Ontario species groups are either sensitive or at risk.

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    Most people are very familiar with vaccinations; whether they have children that were vaccinated at birth, they remember themselves vaccinated or someone they know being vaccinated. It is a typical that the majority of people have received vaccines because, this is what we have been taught to be the best practice. There have been many requirements throughout the world, requiring students to be vaccinated to attend school.

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                Is it really that surprising to say that ocean acidification is another one of climate change’s despicable offspring? It seems that every major environmental issue in the news stems as a result of increasing carbon dioxide emissions from human activity, and what exactly do we plan to do about it? We forget about the problem, keep burning fossil fuels at unsustainable rates and continue to live comfortable lifestyles because we have yet to experience the consequences on a personal level.

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This news article, from CBC Windsor, states that there will be a public forum to be held in Toronto concerning the invasion of the Asian carp in the Great Lakes. The Asian Carp is an invasive species currently making its way from the United States into the Great Lakes. Because they are voracious eaters, they are making it difficult for native species of fish to compete for food supply. The forum will be hosted by the Fisheries and Oceans Canada Ministry as well as the Great Lakes Fishery Commission.

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        Deforestation is a continually growing problem across the world. The clearing of trees and declining plant biodiversity comes with several different effects on the world’s environment, namely on climate change.

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