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Why is it that men are expected and taught from early ages not to show any emotion? If he is sad, suck it up, if he is in love, it's probably with his brain down south and not his actually heart and feelings because that's "so gay" and guys are not supposed to fall for a girl they're supposed to "smash her" and make his buddies proud, he has to pretty much be a brick wall. Yet, women, generally speaking, always say they like a man who shows emotion and shows what he truly feels and wants and will cry in front of us when something’s bothering him.

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            The article “It Has Been 47 Years since This couple Helped Redefine Marriage” by Emily Thomas in the Huffington Post from June 12th, 2014 discusses an early case of interracial marriage between whites and blacks. People should not be restricted to who they can love based on race or color but how they personally feel about the person. The article examines a couple in 1958 that fell in love in Virginia but the problem was Mildred Jeter was a black women and Richard Loving was a white man.

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