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                Have you ever wondered if we could bring back old extinct species from the dead similar to a “Jurassic Park”?  Well, according to the article “The ethics of resurrecting dead species” by Thomas Sumner and Bjorn Carey, this may very well happen in the future.   I find it fascinating how the technology is almost at a point where it can recreate species that haven’t existed for even one hundred years.  Everyone must admit that seeing a real life tyrannosaurus rex or a sabre-toothed cat would be pretty cool, assuming that their life isn’t in danger.

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              I have lived in Quebec for my entire life, and until Pauline Marois’ party took reign of the government, I have never felt so insulted by any previous Premiers. IOn today’s society, religion is something that is slowly fading away as less and less believe in it. Why take away the rights for those who still believe in their respective religions? As the Parti Quebecois proposes to ban very visible religious symbols in the workplace, we remain with the question: should people have the right to wear religious symbols in the workplace?

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Have you ever imagined a world where you don’t need to remember all the passwords you set on every device and/or websites? Remember all the times you tried different passwords and none of them worked?From now on, we can forget about all this trouble. The company Bionym will launch their first device, the Nymi.  

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