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  In Washington D.C., local officials are contemplating a new law proposed by the city’s department of health that would require a 24 hour waiting period for people who want to get a tattoo or a piercing. According to the draft regulations, the law would basically force body art businesses to “ensure that no tattoo artist applies any tattoo to a customer until after 24 hours have passed since the customer first requested the tattoo.”  

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The title of the article I chose to analyse is “There is a hidden cost to beauty in China: It’s the only major market where companies must test on animals, activists say” and it is written by Liza Lin Bloomberg.  It is basically about the Chinese government who sets as a rule that new beauty products must be tested on animals in order to be sold on the market.  However, companies such as l’Oréal are against animal testing, but they also want to sell their products in China, which creates a dilemma.  The opposing values here are animal rights, which consumers demand animals to be treated lik

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The legalization of marijuana has been an extremely controversial topic for many, many years now. A lot of people would say it’s barely a drug, having many less negative effects than alcohol, and no reported cases of death. However, others would argue that, saying it is a gateway to more serious and addicting drugs. Political leader Justin Trudeau made a statement in August saying that he was not only for decriminalization of marijuana, but also for the legalization and taxation of it.

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    Since the end of August, the United States has accused the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad of attacking his own citizens with chemical weapons and on September 4th, President Barack Obama has been given the right to use military force by the Senate. However, the mission shall not exceed 90 days and soldiers shall not disturb the peace of the country.  

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