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           In this article, written by Denyse Coles, the idea that prostitution should be decriminalized is stressed.  The author puts emphasis on the three key factors that would be better for everyone.

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Bullying is a tremendous issue that is effecting education, and is becoming worse everyday. My conclusion is that it is effecting education because it causes a student to focues less on school work, it can lead to the change in school, and possibly suicide.

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Since the beginning of education, there have been several issues in school institutions. Bullying is one of the problems that Media stresses a lot these days and it is an important issue in our education system. Education should do more to stop bullying in schools.The context of the bullying issue in school is social. It impacts a person or a group of people.  Some teachers can sometimes underestimate physical and verbal bullying.  One of the good ways some schools use to prevent bullying is progressive discipline.

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