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Despite many attempts to better privacy around the world, It is still something that is being overlooked by many and something needs to be done about it. Privacy is a right that concerns everyone and that should be followed. Technology is the main cause for what privacy is facing in this day and age. To get results and get informed on privacy, I searched up academic articles relating to many different aspects of privacy relating to technology. Using what I learned I wrote an essay on privacy and how technology affects it.

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The person I chose to talk about has done a lot of change crime and law related during his days. He is particularly known for his acts against privacy. Louis D. Brandeis was born in 1856 in Louisville, Kentucky. He became well known as a lawyer, reformer  and associate justice. Soon after graduation he had attended Harvard Law School and opened a practice with one of his classmates. He always acted according to what the client needed. However, once he had become a sought out lawyer, his interest changed from practice of law to reform.

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I'm still undecided as to whether I'll be doing an academic paper or a volunteer opportunity. I will most likely be doing an academic paper if no volunteer opportunity pops up as there are rather few related to crime and law. I would like to base my paper on these three aspects: technology, privacy and human rights. All of these will relate to crime and law. I chose all of these because they can be easily engaged with crime and law, not to mention I have already written a lot of works concerning these subjects.

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Allison Jones from Global Montreal writes about privacy matters with the police concerning cell phones on February 21st, 2013. As well as Laura Holson from the New York Times writing about privacy issues with phones between user to user.  In Avner Levin's academic journal titled “Is workplace surveillance legal in Canada?”, it brings up privacy at work (International Journal of Information Security; Sep2007, Vol. 6 Issue 5, p313-321, 9p, 1 Chart). All of these relate, in some way or another, to the major issue of Crime and Law.  

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