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Are self-driving cars the future of driving and safe? Hopefully because that would save me so much time! Although a lot of people are very worried about the risks for very good reasons. Some risks include weather, unpredictable humans, face to face interactions (like at a four way stop), urban areas/bridges, and unclear road markings (according to Danielle Muoio from business insider). These are very important issues although some of them are already fixed or are almost fixed.

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Nowadays dating starts at a very young age, 13 or maybe 14 for some kids. For others dating is a sense of freedom to date who you want and find a compatible companion that you can have fun with and hang with. For me, dating didn't even come to my mind at that age, I was more focused on other things in life. My whole life, my paretns told me "no dating until your 18" and I had no issue with that. I didn't really start having crushes unitl I was 15 and even then I knew I would wait until I was 18 to start dating.

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     It is no surprise that a night without enough sleep can lead to a groggy morning, but that is not the only thing that can happen when the body needs more sleep. There are more frightening effects to sleep deprivation, if a person is deprived of sleep it can lead to emotional and physical problems. Research over the years has shown that people can be physically and psychologically damaged from not getting enough sleep.

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Historically, Canadians have demonstrated empathy for the large, charismatic creatures who inhabit the vast wilderness of their country; lovable creatures with large round eyes and soft fury exteriors. However, the past decade has seen a noticeable shift in Canadian awareness towards the smaller critters of the wild (Suzuki, 2016).

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