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Achieving independence is the goal of many nations across the world. Being a Quebecker myself, I was very interested to learn more about the issue and to see whether or not independence is an effective way of protecting the culture of a nation. For that purpose, I studied three scholarly articles focusing on cultural, nationalism and Canadian studies. Ultimately, I learned that independence is indeed effective in protecting the culture of a nation, but only if the nation clearly defines itself and if it understands the importance of its works of art.

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I care about the topic of drug-free treatment for mental illness because I strongly believe that it should be encouraged around the world. I’ve seen people in my life that are close to me suffer from mental disorders and the horrible side effects they had to go through while taking pharmaceuticals and visiting doctors every week. I care about it even more than I did before because I know a lot more about it now. In order to get my results, I read and analyzed specific chapters from 3 different novels that I found the most relevant to my topic.

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  For about two months now, I have been writing a lot about homelessness in Canada. In fact, this particular social issue caught my attention at first as it affects hundred of thousands of Canadians every year, and a lot more around the world. Moreover, I felt homelessness was an important issue as it can affect anybody. In fact, anybody can become homeless at one point in his or her life, which I believe makes it a social issue that needs addressing.  

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Today, April 24th, 2014, is the 99th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, which saw the death of 1.5 million people. There as been a mass killings anniversary in Yerevan, the capital of Armenia. The Turkish governement has offered his condoleance to the Armenian people but refused to use the word "genocide". To many people, he merely acknowledged the killings but only spoke in concilient terms. The Armenian are asking for a recognition and a compensation for the massacre.

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For my assignment, I read the book Quebec-Catalonia : two nations, two cultural models. It was written by Gaëtan Tremblay and Manuel Parès i Maicas and published in 1987. It mainly discusses the issue of nationalism in both Quebec and Catalonia in terms of culture, language, economy and history.

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This article is about the effect playing video games can have on a student’s grades.

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Many American citizens lack to realize that homelessness is not a choice and that many people believe that they are homeless for their own reasons. The research performed by Chamberlain and Johnson solves this issue by comparing substance abuse and homelessness. During their research they were able to determine which come’s first homelessness or substance abuse.

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Stop and Frisk has become a major problem for minorities in New York City. Though enacted for all people , Minorities both black and Hispanic have become the main prey for police officers and the article “Stop and Frisk City” by Kaitlyn Fallon seeks to elaborate on the racial profiling and violations that are encountered by black and Hispanic youths in the city along with the changes in the stop and frisk method carried out by the police

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Healthcare is usually not a broadly recognized tool of discrimination. However children of gay and lesbian couples are receiving less health care as a result of who their parents love.

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Nurses face high levels of stress every day coming into work. As examined by Suresh, Matthews, and Coyne (2012), numerous factors create stressful environments within the clinical environment for both student nurses and nurses who recently acquired their certifications. Inadequate preparation in the classroom can be seen as the root to many of these stressors in the hospital and may call for an alteration of the learning environment in nursing schools.

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In my recent posts, I mainly discussed one issue : nationalism. There have been many populations who, over the recent years, have tried to gain their independence. However, their government is unwilling to comply and does everything it can to keep them in check, usually disregarding their demands completely. In Spain, for instance, Catalonia is asking for a referendum but the government has said that it will block any attempt at independence.

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In this article, it is reported that Ukraine has accused Russia of being behind the taking of two federal buildings in Donetsk, a Ukrainian province. Tension is rising between the two governments as groups of protesters are now asking for a referendum on joining Russia. Interior minister Arsin Avakov claims that the ancient president of the country, Viktor Yanukovich, is conspiring with Vladimir Putin. According to him, they are behind the current disorder in the province. He also adds that the police will restore peace in the area as soon as they can and without any bloodshed.

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In 1997, after the referendum in Quebec, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that Quebec could only separate if the people had showed their support for the idea by a clear majority on a clear question. However, what is clear majority and what is a clear question? The federal government tried to answer this question by proposing the Clarity Act, which says that a clear question would involve complete independence and a clear majority would have to be more than fifty percent plus one.

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   According to the article "How Cell Phones Have Changed Our Lives", by Douglas Stewart, published on May 30, 2008, cell phones has made our life much more convenient. Cell phones has brought many advantages to our daily living. For example, a family member could call home in order to mention  he won't be eating dinner home instead of going all the way back to his house. In other cases, a child could call their parents if he missed his bus. That way, family members are easier in touch with each other. Another pros would be that shopping is a lot more easier.

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Hollywood is one of the few industries where there is little to no discrimination between men and women. However, it was not always like this. Barely a century ago, male stars were the main focus of the film industry and women were relatively ignored. It was in this era that Katharine Hepburn (1907-2003) began her career. However, having been raised by parents who encouraged her to think for herself, she was outspoken and refused to conform to the Hollywood publicity machine. She was married once, but, after her divorce, decided to live independently and never remarried.

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The sspeaker Christopher Sogholan is a privacy researcher and his view are that the government surveillance is shifting beneath the population feet, as an industry grows to support monitoring programs. Christopher states that the through private companies, the government is buying technology with the capacity to break into computers, steal documents and monitor activity- without any detection.

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Core values and goals : The goal is to reduce the stigmata of the isolation of those living with HIV. They want to improve the life of HIV positive people and to sensitize people to the dangers of the infection. Their values are those of acceptance, dignity and respect.

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Core values and goals : The main goals of the organization is to fight poverty and to help the community by building houses for those who cannot afford it. By doing this, they hope to break the cycle of poverty. Their values are those of family and dignity. Major projects in 2014 : Each year, the organization host an annual gala in order to fund a part of their expenses. Also, there is a special week where women are invited to help them build houses, partly as a way to promote feminism, but also to get volunteers.

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Core values and goals : The main goal of the organization is to "engage Canadians in working  for a more socially just world" according to their brochure. By doing this, they hope that the next generation will be more devoted to the fighting of social injustice across the world instead of simply helping directly. Their values are those of inclusion, adversity, fairness and equality.

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Core values and goals : The main goal of the organization is to defend human rights all across the world and to demand justice for those who are been wronged in their basic rights. Their values are those of justice, equality and respect. Major projects in 2014 : For this year, the organization will mainly try to solve the armed conflict that is currently taking place in Colombia, pressure Uganda’s government into cancelling its anti-gay laws and stop the "ethnic cleansing" of the Central African Republic, which threatens the Islamic communities.

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February 17th 2014 Ending the Death Penalty by Dale. S  Recinella Is the death penalty necessary? After 1976, when the death penalty was reinstated, innocent people were wrongly convicted (Recinella, 2008, p.12). According to many churches, if there is no other way to protect innocent law-abiding citizens the death penalty shall be used (Recinella, 2008, p. 13). I believe that the death penalty is ineffective.  

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The Article Violence, USA by Henry Giroux reveals how acts of gun violence, terrorist attacks, and violence in media have influenced its American Society. Giroux reveals that the main problem is the endless chains of violent events, have caused the United States to change from a peaceful culture to a more warfare like culture since the attack of 9/11. He has found that in many case studies, schools, prisons, and boot camps have become harsh in punishment in certain areas of the US population.

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Nationalism has been around for a long time. Over the course of history, several populations tried to declare their independence from their government. Some failed and some succeeded. Currently, both Scotland and Quebec are trying to achieve this goal. Unfortunately, those who are opposed to the idea are not afraid to use of techniques bordering on illegality.

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Making all public college tuition free would cost significantly less than what our federal government currently spends on tax breaks and financial aid alone.

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In the article, “Should Congress Pass Stronger Gun Laws,” the author gives a compelling argument against stronger gun control tied into the safety of women.  The article opens with a story about a women who had her house broken into by two men, one with a foot-long knife.  She used a concealed handgun to injure the man with the knife and caused the other man to flee the scene (Trotter 2013, pp.

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In her article, Laurie Penny (2013) speaks out about the recent magazine headlines: Miley Cyrus’ performance at the Video Music Awards. Penny questions the torment that Cyrus had recently been subject too, namely a letter written by Sinead O’Conner to Cyrus. Penny continues to state that many young women are faced with the same problem, whether to conform to societal norms and be a “good girl” as Miley Cyrus portrayed in “Hannah Montana” or whether to be able to use their bodies as a powerful weapon in their lives. She questions why we should be allowed to be seen in a certain way, and that is considered good, even something that is sought after, but if we act on these feelings and “objectify” ourselves we are seen as sluts, or like ideas. (Penny, 2013)

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Being homeless is usually quite a challenge. Having no money and no place to stay is enough to make a man miserable. Sometimes, however, things can become even worse for those poor people. Jason Murray, a homeless man who lives in Montreal, became the target of a beating. A man began to beat him up for no apparent reason. Bystanders witnessed the incident and did not intervene. Nobody called the police.  One person even stopped to film the beating. A woman also began to kick Murray in the face, adding that he deserved it.

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In the article “‘We are going to make Quebec a country, our country’: Premier Pauline Marois promises white paper ‘on future of Quebec’” published on the National Post’s website on February 6, 2014, Kevin Dougherty talks about Pauline Marois’ speech on making Quebec a country.

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The interim report of the Charbonneau Commission has finally been released. However, the content of this report wasn’t really what everybody was expecting. The report contained a well carefully written document with just a little new information instead of a list of recommendations to fight corruption. This was really surprising for observers since the Parti Québécois was clear in what he wanted to see in that report.

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As described in the article Deporting Mexican mother discourages abused women from seeking help, activist say by Michelle Lalonde on january 31, 2014 after running away from her native Mexico, Ivonne Hernandez now 41 arrived in Montreal in hopes of a better life. She had arrived in Canada asking for refugee status running away from a violent relationship with a police officer which made her fear for her life.

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Revolutions are a part of our history. When a population is pushed beyond its breaking point, an uprising becomes inevitable. This is exactly what is currently happening in Ukraine. Ever since the president has decided to not sign a deal with the European Union and instead favor stronger ties with Russia, mass protestations have been occurring throughout the country. And now that the corruption, abuse of power and violation of human rights by the government have been exposed, the revolution is stronger than ever.

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Nuclear weapons have been the source of many conflicts over the past 50 years. Recently, there has been reports that Iran is trying to create their own atomic bombs despite the fact that they do not have the right to do so. Other countries are desperately trying to negotiate with the government and convince them to abandon their program. John Kerry, the United States Secretary of State, is currently discussing with the Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif in hope of finding a middle ground. Meanwhile, the United States and the European Union are imposing sanctions on the country.

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Life is not easy for those who are different. In Russia, the government has recently adopted laws that prohibit any form of homosexual propaganda. Elton John, the famous singer, considers that those legislations are an attack towards gay rights. And although Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia, argues that they do not harm anyone, John says that he met people in Moscow who are constantly harassed and even physically harmed by vigilante groups.

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On January 25th, 2014, Darion Marcus Aguilar entered a Maryland mall and shot two person, both of whom died, before killing himself. The police still do not know whether Aguilar knew the victims, Brianna Benlolo and Tyler Johnson, or not. Also, as of now, nobody knows what pushed the shooter to commit this act of violence. It is known, however, that he lived with his mother in College Park, near the University of Maryland. The killer purchased the shotgun he used a month before the shooting. In the aftermath, three bodies were found, along with five injured, one of whom had been shot.

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In the article “Thailand Protesters Force shut Down of Polling Stations” by The Associated Press, published by the CBC on January 26th 2014, the political scene of pre-election Thailand’s troubles with protesters is described. January 26th was Thailand’s advance election in preparation for next week’s general election. In the country’s capital, Bangkok, dozens of polling stations were besieged by anti-government protesters preventing other citizens from voting.

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The National Transportation Safety Board of the United States and the National Transportation Safety Board of Canada have come up with a list of recommendations to improve safety for the transportation of crude oil by train. These recommendations follow some catastrophic incidents including the one in Lac-Mégantic last summer. The recommendations included that the rail road companies should be protected for the worst case scenarios by insurance.

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