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Fishing can definitely rack up some charges! The article discussed in this post explains a situation from earlier this week in which a BC fisherman was fined $20,000 for illegally selling his catch of spot prawns. He caught his prawns under his First Nations Food, Social, and Ceremonial licence, which does not permit the selling of ones catch. He had illegally harvested his prawns and sold them on the commercial market, which is most definitely not allowed with the FSC licence he possessed.

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      What exactly comes to mind when you hear the words and phrases: “Think outside the box,” “hero,” “let’s explore” and “desert adventure awaits?” Most would answer that question with words such as, daring, creative, courageous, etc. These phrases were displayed boldly on t-shirts within the boys’ section of a clothing store, symbolizing the world’s image of the stereotypical boy. An eight year old girl from the U.K. realized something was wrong when she traveled from that section of clothing to the girls’.

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Ryan Smith                                                                 Decline of Wild Bee Podcast

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Recently there seems to be an increase in women fearing that their gender will have a negative direct effect on the possibilities of getting a career, or that career ever advancing, and a fear that their wages will be lower simply because they are women. There is also a fear that because they are women, they have slim pickings for jobs they can actually pick. This is obviously a huge problem.

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To begin this post, I must answer a question that most readers will have. Is green space a resource? I argue that green space is indeed a resource. While it is different than harvesting lumber from forests or drawing oil up to the surface, green space offers economic opportunities as well. Jobs to design and manage these spaces exist. Parks offer space for impromptu markets and events. Even more so than economic benefits, green space offers health and social benefits by creating a public outdoor space to congregate, relax, exercise, and socialize.

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