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In Kirsten West Savali’s article (The root, June 2 2015), the author argues about the ambiguity that surrounds our social media and the touchy subject or racism. She starts off by quoting Malcom X from one of his speeches where he says that if you believe everything said in the media, you will end up despising the despised and supporting the oppressors. The author uses this example to depict the time when black people did not have the same rights than white people. As for today, she feels that the situation did improve, but that racism is still in people’s minds in a more implicit way.

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In the article, ‘’I’ve had enough of celebrities making empty apologies for their racism’’ (The Guardian, September 8th 2015) by Rebecca Carroll, the author shares her opinion about the incidents that have been going on in numerous social medias over the year 2015. She mainly argues that many celebrities, who are read and followed by thousands of people, seem to rely too often on vague and simple apologies to compensate for some of their statements that could be considered as offenses on other people’s ‘race’ or culture.

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Euthanasia is now a topic of practically every day conversation.  Belgium has allowed euthanasia since May of 2002, and Canada has been having the conversation about the right to die for months now.  I will be examining a Globe and Mail article discussing about Quebec becoming the first Canadian province to adopt a right to die legislation, a Dan Gardner

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On an article published last week, on March 2, 2015, untitled Alcohol-abuse risks need more attention in Canada, researchers say, CBC News summarize a research that talks about the dangers that the typical individual with a drinking problem may face. Indeed, since binge drinking is responsible for seven percent of all deaths and accidents in Canada, the authors of the research, Dr. Anne Moyer and Dr. John Finney, started to wonder if doctors are doing enough to spot and refer patients who have drinking issues.

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Original title: One Woman Is Helping Children in Shelters Realize Their Dreams with a Camera Lens Author: Alexandra  Zaslow Date of publication: January 11th, 2015  

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In a world where medical advancements enable us to save more and more lives, a lot of people are still reluctant to offer their organs after their death to people who really need them to live. Applying a signature to the back of a health insurance card signifies that you allow doctors to harvest organs from your body in order to give them to a person in need, and I think it would be unethical to do otherwise.

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Source: Harris, Elizabeth. "Connecticut Teenager With Cancer Loses Court Fight to Refuse Chemotherapy." The New York Times 9 Jan. 2015. Web. 2 Feb. 2015. .

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On Monday January 19th 2015, the young 11 years old First Nations’ Makayla Sault died of cancer in her house. As written by Gloria Galloway in the Globe and Mail on January 19th 2015, this little girl had cancer but she was taken away from chemotherapy by her parents last year. The motives of her parents for that decision were that they are aboriginal people and they thought it was better for her healing to receive traditional treatments instead.

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