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Comparison between India/Pakistan and Quebec/Canada

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Religion should be a personal matter not a social one. Freedom of religion is an import value in Canadian society; this said I do not believe religion should influence the entire society. Everyone has the right to practice their religion in a way that can positively influence people of their community. I strongly support the idea that religion has no place in government. If the government is not secular, religion could cause major problems such as bias.

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First of all, religion is, to whom it may concern, already put into laws. The difference between religion laws and real ones is that the religious ones are based on moral. Is this morally acceptable... Would usually divide what is wrong and what is right for religion. Regular laws are even based on moral but in some much more developed and studies aspects. Religion is way of liberating others from the loneliness of life. It is something that guides you when you are blind, it is something that will love and forgive you no matter the sins you‘ may have done. Religion is way of life...

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